One Side of Hoverboard not Working: How to Fix It

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Hoverboards are not always fun and enjoyable, despite their overgrowing popularity, sometimes you might end up with a faulty hoverboard. I know you can relate this with me you’re riding smoothly and having a lot of fun and then suddenly one side of your hoverboard stops functioning.

Hoverboards can be tricky and bring out many kinds of issues but the most common issue is when one side of hoverboard not working.

However, it’s best not to panic in this kind of situation. It’s mostly caused by riding your hoverboard on uneven surfaces (grass or gravel etc). You should first recognize the issue then take action accordingly.

You could either try getting it repaired but if you want to avoid the expenses, we have the perfect solution for you. Just go through this article and in the end, you’ll be able to take care of your problem in no time.

What’s the issue?

Before jumping into the solution, it’s better that you know what caused this issue and the different terminologies that come with this issue.

Only one side of the hoverboard not working is a common problem and there can be several causes of this problem:

  1. You either sometimes ride your hoverboard too roughly on grass or gravel etc which causes the wiring of one of the sides to come loose.
  2. Another problem could be a wheel motor which could have come off but that problem rarely occurs because wheel motors of hoverboards are manufactured to be really sturdy.
  3. Most people freak out and think the whole motherboard is faulty but it’s assuring to know that if it’s only one side of the hoverboard then the motherboard is not the root of this issue.
  4. When only one side of the hoverboard stops working then it could be due to a faulty gyroscope as well.

What is a Gyroscope?

The gyroscope is the main component in your hoverboard. Its importance is very high because it  helps you to balance and turn your hoverboard.

Both sides of your hoverboard are equipped with a gyroscope each that helps you to move forward, backwards or move sideways while also keeping you balanced at the same time.

When a gyroscope is faulty, that side of the hoverboard stops functioning. However, it’s not as bad as both sides going out so it shouldn’t be that difficult for you to fix this problem.

The important thing to note is that there are two types of gyroscopes; male gyroscope and female gyroscope. Knowing the gender of the gyroscope of the faulty side will make it possible for you to be able to solve the problem efficiently.

To help you understand better, I’ve listed both types of gyroscopes below with appropriate pictures to help you differentiate between the two:

  • Male Gyroscope
one side of hoverboard not working

A male gyroscope is a more common gyroscope mostly used in all-terrain hoverboards. To figure out if it is a male gyroscope, you need to look for the receiving ports and the wire harness. If there are two receiving ports present on the gyroscope and a wire harness is present, then it is a male gyroscope.

  • Female Gyroscope
Female Gyroscope

A gyroscope which has more than two receiving ports and there is no wire harness  present then it is perceived as female gyroscope.

Fixing the problem:

Now that we have gone through the possible causes of this problem, go through these solutions step by step to get rid of the problem.

  1. Check the wiring.
  2. Checking the wheel motor for clarification.
  3. Checking the gyroscope and replacing it.


It’s better to go through the wiring first to make sure it isn’t loose or anything. Check all the ports and tighten them, if any of the connections was loose then that could have been the problem.

Wheel Motor:

If only one side of the hoverboard is out, then you don’t have to go through the effort of taking it to a technician and getting it repaired. Instead, you can check the wheel motors and see if they aren’t faulty. If they are, you can easily replace them. Wheel motors rarely go out on a board but it’s still worthwhile to check them.

Fixing the Gyroscope:

If the wiring and the wheel motors are perfectly fine then it could only be a gyroscope issue. Check if the gyroscope is working or not, if it is faulty then you will have to replace the gyroscope. First check if the gyroscope is male or female and then get a new gyroscope to replace it with.

Note: It doesn’t matter what colour the new gyroscope is, you can match it to the motherboard or not but what matters is the gender of the gyroscope.


u003cstrongu003eWhy does only one side of my hoverboard not function well?u003c/strongu003e

Most of the time, this issue arrives due to a faulty gyroscope. Figuring out what type of gyroscope is faulty and then replacing it will solve your issue.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is a gyroscope?u003c/strongu003e

A gyroscope is a vital component of your hoverboard. It is the component that is responsible for the balance and movement of your hoverboard.

u003cstrongu003eWill I have to change the motherboard if only one side of the hoverboard is malfunctioning?u003c/strongu003e

Replacing the motherboard is a far more diverse and complex process and luckily, that is not necessary to solve only one side of the hoverboard not working problem.


In short, if one side of your hoverboard stops functioning, try not to panic and just go through the instructions step by step to solve the issue. These types of issues usually happen because of faulty gyroscopes.

Figuring out the gyroscope gender and then replacing it will help solve the issue efficiently. To avoid such issues in the future, try maintaining the balance of your hoverboard at all times and try not to ride the hoverboard on uneven grounds such as grass or gravel etc.

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