The 7 Best Skateboards for Heavy Riders In 2022

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People who are overweight but have a passion for skateboarding then they should be able to do so without fear of being overweight. When you are new to Skateboarding then you don’t need to worry about the quality of skateboards because when you go to pro level the wheels, decks, trucks, and bearings are easy to replace.

Skateboarding permits you to lose weight, so that is one of the reasons why many people like to do it in their free time. In this article, we will provide you with lists of best Skateboards for heavy riders with their reviews and features. So you can easily decide which skateboard is made for you.

A skateboard is always an option no matter how tall you are, how big your bones are, or if you’re a bit overweight. Those who are heavier might require a slightly different setup.

In other words, you don’t want a wheel that feels too heavy, is too slow, is difficult to use, or generates waves of vibrations through your feet that cause fatigue and pain.

Would you have to give up your passion for skating if you are heavy weight?

There’s no doubt that Tony Hawk and Andrew Reynolds are big names in skateboarding who are heavy riders. So, why are you so worried about your weight and love for skating? The key to mastering the sport is to practice hard.

There are always many solutions to every problem, you don’t need to be disappointed. The main requirements for a good board are good quality trucks, best longboard decks as well as bushings that can handle your weight, and a wide board.

Top hearted Products

Here we mention our favorite Skateboards for heavy riders with their stunning manufacturing features. 

Top hearted

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

White Wave Bamboo

  • Stable ride
  • Weight capacity 250lb
  • Strong grip
  • Wide wheel

Professional Choice

Magneto Bamboo Skateboard

Magneto Bamboo

  • Perfect shape
  • High durability deck
  • Rebound wheels
  • Best for bumpy roads

Customer’s Choice

Scientoy Skateboard, Beginner Skateboards

Scientoy pro Skateboard

  • Best for all ages
  • Budget-friendly
  • Deck length 31 inches
  • Attractive design

7 Best Skateboards for Heavy riders

  • White Wave Bamboo Skating Board
  • Magneto Bamboo Skateboard
  • Scientoy pro-Skateboard
  • Beleev Skateboards
  • Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard
  • Atom Drop Skateboard
  • Kahuna Creations Skateboard

1. White Wave Bamboo Skating Board [Top Rated]

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Notable Features

Size38 x 9.75 Inches
Wheelbase29 Inches
Wheels70x53mm Hooligan Wheels (78a)
BearingsAbec 9 Hellion Bearings
Trucks180mm (7 inch) / Silver Trucks
Grip TapeClear / Spray On
Features3/4″ Deck Drop
ConstructionBamboo / Canadian Maple
Weight8 lbs
Max. Weight Limit250lbs

If you love to cruise around the town on a comfy and premium board then this White Wave bamboo longboard is best for you. The best thing about this longboard is that it has a long concave wheelbase, which makes it great for cruising and carving. It is considered the best skateboard for heavy riders when they start their journey of skating.

This board is extremely durable as it is made with bamboo layered with maple. You’ll get 7 inches of Aluminum Trucks, an ultra-high rebound, and a flawless finish. A 9-ply construction makes this board flexible.

This deck is fitted with a clear grip tape that accommodates and secures the user’s feet. Aluminum trucks are used on the White Wave Bamboo for increased durability and it gives protection to you against rust.

With drop-through trucks, the perfect flex, and a symmetrical shape, the Bamboo Cruiser is the ultimate cruising machine. The White wave brand is famous for many products like best longboards wheels as well as best longboard trucks. In addition to being symmetrical, it helps with tricks and riding switches.


  • Suitable for bumpy and hilly roads
  • Reasonable Price
  • Stable and durable
  • Best for Beginners
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Perfect for medium height riders


  • Fatter wheels
  • Squeaky noises
  • Quite heavy
  • Hard to carry in a backpack

Our Thoughts

When we think about the best brand of skateboards then the first name that comes to mind is White Wave Bamboo Skating Board. This model has all the unique features which a user needs to maximize their experience of longboarding.

This model’s performance level will be readily apparent if you compare it with similar models from other manufacturers. A smooth ride will be guaranteed even in difficult situations, where other top-rated models may fail.

2. Magneto Bamboo Skateboard [Best for Heavy Riders]

Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards Skateboards for Cruising

Notable Features

Deck Width     9 Inches
Color       Bamboo Carving Longboard Skateboard
Material Bamboo
Durometer HardnessShore 78A
Wheel Size       70 Millimeters
Length of Deck38.5 Inches
Weight Capacity      250 Pounds
Item Weight    8 Pounds

If you are a heavyweight guy but love to skate then don’t be disappointed. Here we give you the best option for skating with a skateboard that carries at least 250 pounds weight.

One of the most suitable skateboards for big guys is the Magneto Bamboo skateboard. It offers a stable ride due to its amazing mapple deck.

Furthermore, the bamboo material is used to make the skateboard more smooth which maintains its center of gravity for a smooth ride. This board is also capable of performing tricks for taller people.

Skateboards like this are flexible and you can buy them once and enjoy them for a long time. It’s most amazing measurements are 38.5 inches in length and 9 inches in width which gives the user a comfortable ride.

Its arched chamber will give you the best board feel. The skateboard can be used with any skate shoes so you get the best board feel. If you want a hard skateboard with no weight for skating around the street or for school then this is made for you.


  • Bamboo and fiberglass used
  • Durable deck
  • Rebound wheels
  • Stable
  • Cruise-friendly


  • Squeaking from the truck

Our Verdict

If you want a skateboard that provides you the best smooth ride within an affordable range then this magneto skateboard is the best choice for you. If you are low on budget but want a high-quality skateboard then this Magneto skateboard is the most reliable for you.

Its highest quality with a low budget makes it highly famous among pros and beginners who love longboards. Soft wheels on this skateboard provide a smooth ride over bumpy surfaces. This skateboard is perfect for cruising around town and skating.

3. Scientoy Pro Skateboard [Beginner Skateboard]

Scientoy Skateboard, Beginner Skateboards

Notable Features

Load Capacity220 Pounds
Durometer Hardness95A
Brand      Scientoy
Deck Width     8 Inches
Material Maple
Deck Length   31 Inches
ColorBlue Space
Wheel Material       Polyurethane

Skaters of all levels will be comfortable using this skateboard. Skateboards with a 31″ by 8″ full size can be used by beginners as well as pros alike, as they feature a double kick concave design.

If you are afraid of bumps while skating then this Skateboard is the best option for you. Featuring PU wheels with an ABEC-rated bounce and 7 bearings, it offers a smooth and speedy ride.

This skateboard has a front and back curved surface which gives a U-shaped body. It is easy to maintain a rider’s balance and perform advanced-level tricks with the help of these curved sections.

Scientoy complete pro is considered a professional skateboard because of its double-kick design. It has two kicks at each end because it is a double-kick skateboard. With this feature, you can easily perform tricks and flips.


  • Smooth ride
  • Built-in alloy trucks
  • Realistic and Clear
  • PU wheels
  • ABEC-7 bearings


  • Screws may rust

Our Verdict

It’s a complete package for all ages. This Scientology pro-Skateboard is for all level skaters. When we are wondering about the best skateboard for heavy riders for children then we stop our research on this.

All-rounder top quality skateboard which is called Scientoy pro-Skateboard. It has a capacity of 220 Pounds, this feature makes it the best skateboard for big guys.

4. Beleev Skateboards [Beginner friendly]

Best Skateboards for Heavy Riders

Notable Features

Dimensions31″ Long x 8″ Wide
Deck7 ply Canadian maple
Max Capacity220 lbs
Wheels55mm, 95A
BearingsABEC 7
Trucks5 inch magnesium alloy

A great option for someone who’s new to skateboarding and wants a board that matches their skating style is Beleeve’s 31″ complete skateboard. Its reasonable price, durable deck, quality wheels, trucks, and attractive design make it the best option as a skateboard for heavy riders 2022.

It’s a reasonable price, durable deck, quality wheel, and attractive design make it more unique in the skateboard world.

It comes with aluminum alloy trucks that are 5″ thick. It’s truck made it a great option for sliding. Those who prefer to slide on their boards will enjoy this board immensely. It’s riser pads keep the truck away from the deck.

This deck measures 31″ by 8″, which is large enough for you to put your feet on it. This deck provides you with more comfort. The deck is designed with a concave tail and a double kick. Riders can move freely while using it. Additionally, the board is easy to stop and break.

This can be a great option for those seeking a board that is easy to handle and fun to ride. It provides excellent grip over a long period of time since it is not prone to scratches.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Variety of designs
  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Attractive design
  • Flexible and durable deck


  • Not for professional riders

Our verdict

In our opinion, this is a good board for beginners due to its great features and performance. Its easy riding will make it a good choice for kids and teens.

In addition to its balance and symmetrical kick tail design, it has a high degree of speed to make it an excellent choice for intermediate and advanced riders. In addition, this one is a bit more affordable, which makes it a little more attractive.

5. Quest Rorshack Bamboo Skateboard [Longboard for Fat guys]

Quest Rorshack Bamboo Skateboard

Notable Features

Features  The 34-inch bamboo longboard features a multi-ply hardwood maple deck with beautiful artisan bamboo trim Rugged 6-inch aluminum trucks Durable 65mm PU wheels and ABEc 7 bearings Kick tail
Dimensions34″ Long x 9″ Wide
DeckBamboo and maple wood
Wheels70mm x 51mm, 80A
Trucks6” aluminum trucks
BearingsABEC 7 bearing
ManufacturerMade in Mars

Quescraft Rorshack hybrid Longboards are a good option for those who want to learn skating at a professional level. This board’s deck was constructed by combining maple and bamboo in an artistic manner. Everything about the deck was done correctly, so it’s an aesthetic piece.

Longboards are a good starting point for beginners, but they aren’t the best for advanced riders.

A longboard is typically over 36 inches long, but this one is just 34 inches long. Therefore, it can be considered a skateboard as well as a longboard.

You do not need to worry about your weight with the deck because it’s the best skateboard for heavy riders of 2022, it can handle immense pressure.

With this kicktail, you will be able to navigate more easily. The kicktail is a favorite among all longboard riders who know their way around the board. They have great control over it.

They used rugged aluminum trucks with a 6-inch diameter to carry the load. You can’t expect more from a truck than this within this amount. 

When it comes to a cheap longboard for beginners, then this on top. Its price and deck make it an attractive choice.


  • Easily slowed down
  • Cheap price
  • Easily maneuver
  • Bamboo-maple hybrid deck
  • Deck with high-quality graphics


  • Bad bearings and trucks

Our Verdict

The Quest Rorshack longboard meets the needs of budget-conscious riders. It’s a great deal for a beginner or someone who loves quality decks. Even though it won’t be a great all-around performer, I believe it will be good enough to satisfy all.

If you’re on a low budget then you can buy this with little amount and with time you can upgrade it according to your level.

6. Atom Drop Skateboard [Best Longboard for big guys]

Atom Drop Through Longboard - 40 Inch

Notable Features

Brand      Atom Longboards
Wheel Size                100 Millimeters
Material Maple
Color       Woody
Deck Length   40 Inches
Durometer Hardness     78A
Item Weight10 Pounds
Wheel Material       Rubber

The next skateboard is the Atom drop-through, which is reliable for heavy riders. In addition, this skateboard has good quality and you can ride it smoothly.

You can easily master this skateboard, and you can easily make quick turns. Additionally, the width of this skateboard is suitable for people who are tall and heavier.

The skateboard works best with taller people and maintains equilibrium as well. In addition, it’s constructed with bamboo as well as maple. It is very flexible in use due to its great deck. To make it even stronger, this board is made out of 7-ply maple wood material.

The deck of this skateboard has a 40 degrees angle that makes riding more stable. Furthermore, the atom has an attractive design and is a lightweight skateboard. Last but not least, this skateboard is great for freestyle cruising, and it is quite comfortable to ride.


  • Stable and easy to ride
  • 40 inches of deck
  • Construction with durability
  • 78a soft rating


  • Soft trucks
  • Bad Wheel
  • Bad Bearings

Our Verdict

If you are interested in the best longboards for sliding then this Atom Drop Skateboard is from the family of longboards.

You can get a smooth sliding ride with this best Skateboards for fat guys. With this skateboard, you can maintain your gravity balance and hardle-free ride.

7. Kahuna Creations Skateboard [Master Crafted Skateboard]

Notable Features

Brand      Kahuna Creations
Color       Haka Moko
Durometer Hardness     82A
Material Maple
Deck Width     10 Inches
Deck Length   39 Inches
Age RangeAdult
Wheel Material       Polyurethane
Wheel Size       70 Millimeters
Item Weight    11 Pounds
Weight capacity256 pounds

Kahuna is known for manufacturing the best longboard trucks and the best skateboard backpack. Furthermore, this skateboard is made to meet very high-quality standards. This skateboard has an ability of 265 pounds  of weight to handle.

The skateboard also has rebound wheels that will be able to handle the rider’s weight efficiently. In addition, the wheel will absorb the shocks as well. Skateboarders who are tall and heavy will feel more comfortable on this board.

Furthermore, this is the best skateboard for heavy riders, will be comfortable to ride, and you will have the best experience.

The material is Canadian maple, which is excellent. It also has bearings with a diameter of 70mm. Wheels have a hardness of 82A.

If you want a stable ride on the bumpy road then this skateboard is amazing. Skateboards have a low center of gravity, which allows them to maintain balance better.

And the front of this skateboard is 10 inches long. This skateboard makes flips and tricks easy even for heavy riders.


  • Supportive and stable ride
  • Durometer of 82A wheels
  • Easily mastered
  • Widest decks


  • Weak Bearings are not strong
  • Non durable truck

Our Verdict

Kahuna is one the most famous best skateboard brands which offer multiple products like best skateboard grip tape, best longboard decks, and many more.

With these best Skateboards of 2022 Skateboarding is possible on many surfaces, including sidewalks, streets, and parks.

You can even give this board as a gift to someone who is passionate about skateboarding. Additionally, this skateboard is perfect for people who are just starting their passion of skateboarding.

Does weight matter for Skateboarding?

Skateboarding does require a skater to be of a certain weight. The weight of the skater has a direct impact on how they land on their board. Almost every skater you see is skinny. There is no rule that says that bigger guys can’t skateboard. Heck, even some pro skateboarders weigh a little more than average.

Weight also influences how hard people land on boards when performing tricks. Neither of these points is huge problems, but they can lead to more snapped decks.

Skateboarding will definitely help you to lose weight if you want to lose it by using the best skateboard for fat guys. A regular rider and a lot of practice will most certainly lose some weight.

If you are a heavy guy, which type of skateboard should you avoid?

Larger and longer skateboards may be preferred by taller and heavier skateboarders because larger and longer boards assist a skater in moving forward due to a higher center of gravity.

So, if you want to buy a skateboard, stay away from those that are made for skinny guys. Boards should not be short, low in width, and have no minimal gravity.

Helpful tips to keep skateboards from breaking

Any skateboard you ride increases the chances of it breaking if you are a heavy rider. As a result, learning useful hacks is advisable to prevent this from happening. Buying a new skateboard every week just so it breaks in half isn’t a good idea.

  • Skateboards with high-quality decks will last a long time, so avoid cheap skateboards. Generally, this holds true for all skateboarders, not just for heavy riders. Make sure you only buy skateboards made of tough materials and designed by reputable companies.
  • Purchase regular skateboarding boards: if you’re not interested in finding professional-grade skateboards, you can settle for good cheap skateboards with higher quality.
  • When you land correctly, you’re less likely to break your skateboard. If you are a learned skater then you are able to land correctly and the chance of board breaks will decrease. Land by bending your knees and placing your feet over the trucks.

When it comes to skateboards, how much weight can they hold?

Skateboards should be able to hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds. The figure here can be considered a ballpark figure when considering speed, thrust, and easy maneuverability. Different skateboards have different weight limits.

Due to the different types of materials used in skateboards, some are more durable and can withstand more weight than others. There is a product among the above-reviewed items that will be suitable for you if you have excess weight and are overweight.

How to Choose a Skateboard: Heavy or Light?

A skateboarder’s performance level is greatly influenced by the board’s weight and build since skating is a physical exercise centered on speed.

In terms of speed gain, gravity plays an essential role. As a result of their heavier weight, the heavier longboards can reduce air resistance and road friction more easily than the lighter ones. Therefore, they tend to be faster than lighter skateboards.

As well as being easier to maneuver, longboards also feature a more flexible build that is capable of sharp turns. These properties make it better.

The lighter skateboards, like the penny board, cannot reach the same speed level as a longboard since they have a greater resistance to friction. It is best known for beginners.

Before you buy a Skateboards for big guys, here are a few things to consider

Before you make your selection from our list of the top 7 best skateboards for fat guys, consider the following points.

Material for decks

For heavy riders, the best deck material is fiberglass, bamboo, and maple hardwood. A great pressure absorber. It has to withstand even if you put a lot of force. Additionally, the more layers of wood you have on a skateboard, the better it is for supporting weight.

Width of deck

Skateboards are measured by the width of the widest part of the deck. When performing tricks or riding at high speed, a heavy rider will feel more stable with a wider wheelbase. Heavy riders will benefit from a deck that is 8″ wide, but a 10″ deck would be best.

Trucks and wheels

Limit of weight

Heavy weight cannot be supported by all skateboards. It is possible for a board to break down at first if this is not designed to carry your weight. Our reviews include weight limits based on product reviews to help you make a decision based on your weight.

Skateboard’s shape

It is best to use drop-through skateboards for heavyweight skaters. Besides keeping the skateboard well centered, the design distributes weight evenly. However, a convex-shaped skateboard will also work.

The choice of skateboard is so crucial for safety and comfort that we cannot stress it enough. Prior to making a final decision, carefully consider each of the above tips.


Last but not least are the skateboard bushings. While buying a skateboard, you should consider this factor. Skateboards with hard bushings are best for tall and heavy riders. Softer bushings may cause injury. Additionally, heavier skateboards will feature harder bushings, which will make them more stable.

The skateboard durometer can also be used to determine the hardness of bushings. It is recommended that riders weighing between 160 and 170 pounds use a 93a durometer. A board with 97 A provides a more rigid ride for those who need a flexible board.

If you are heavier than 250 pounds then you must have a look at these features before buying a skateboard for you. Furthermore, knowing the factors that contribute to a stable ride is crucial. After reading these important points, it will be easier to choose the best skateboard for heavy riders.

FAQs Section

Is it easy to ride a skateboard for a tall person?

Skateboarding can be mastered by tall people, but it may require more time. The center of gravity is the reason why taller people find hand skateboards difficult to use. They also require more force to use in comparison to slimmer skateboarders.

What type of Skateboard Is easiest to ride?

Skateboards need to be wide enough to accommodate big people. Furthermore, wider skateboards can be quite difficult to turn.
Additionally, full skateboards can be quite difficult to turn. This will allow people with a greater mass to maintain their center of gravity.

Which skateboard is best for heavy riders?

You can choose this from the above-mentioned 7 best skateboards for heavy riders list. Quest Longboard, Magneto Bamboo Skateboard, White Wave Bamboo Skateboard, and Atom Drop are a few of the best skateboards for tall guys. Skateboards with long widths are best for heavy riders.

Final Thought

Regardless of what your body structure looks like, you can still skate. You just need a board that can accommodate your weight. As we know Skateboarding is the best way to lose weight.

So, why are you so confused about which skateboard you should use? We will assist you with a list of top Skateboards for heavy riders.

To clarify any doubt, we suggest purchasing Quest Rorshack Bamboo Skateboard. A strong deck as well as durable bearings and trucks make this a good choice. As well as this skateboard has a rocker shape, plus a silica sand grip.

Which is best for heavy riders. We offer high-quality longboards with durable trucks that are suitable for big guys as well as high-quality boards for the broader feet.

The purpose of this is essential to give the most incredible flying experience to physically larger people. You just have to choose the one that makes the most sense to you.

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