How To Hang A Skateboard On The Wall?(Cheap and Easy Way )

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Hanging and showcasing your skateboard deck is becoming very popular in many countries, especially in America.

Whether it’s the vintage classics or new skateboards in general, you want to create a separate space for your boards so that they can be admired openly instead of ending up thrashed and scratched.

Some people do it because they just love to showcase their old boards that they don’t ride anymore where some people prefer their boards to be on a wall, rather than anywhere else where there is greater risk of getting damaged.

The only concern is how to hang a skateboard on the wall. That’s the question most people ask, “How do I hang my skateboard on the wall?â€.

Well, there are several different methods to do that, including hanging by a rope or thread, fishing line or using a readymade wall mount.

All of these methods are simple and easy to do with simple instructions. In this article, I will go through all these methods one by one in detail, so you can get your answer and be ready to do it yourself.

1) how to Hang skateboard using rope:

How To Hang A Skateboard On The Wall

The first method that I’m going to show you is hanging your skateboard by a rope. It might seem like a complex procedure at first but a step-by-step guide will make things easy for you, so let’s get started.

Tools Required:

You’re going to need several different tools for this method.

  • A thick and durable rope
  • Two 3mm x 30 mm screws
  • A sharp knife
  • Lighter or match stick
  • Electric drill
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Hammer
  • 2x wall plugs

Important Steps:

Cutting the rope:

The first step is to measure and cut the rope apart. Make sure the length is about 24-25 inches and that you’re using a sharp knife when you cut it apart.

The quality of the rope also significantly matters because later on, this rope will come in contact with the truck and wheels of your board many times and that is there shouldn’t be any risk of it wearing out and ultimately breaking.

Make sure the rope you cut apart is long enough to support the weight of your board and still be able to let it hang for a long period of time.

Tie the rope:

The next step is to create two knots on both ends of the rope. But before you do tie the knots, it’s important that you use the lighter or the match stick and melt both the ends.

This step is absolutely necessary when the rope’s material is nylon. The melting will prevent the rope from fraying after a while. Make sure the knots are as tight as possible so that when you screw both the sides in the end, they don’t slip out.

Mark the wall:

After you have the rope ready, the next steps are to determine where you’re going to screw the knots. For that, you need to take a pencil and a scale and draw two vertical lines on the wall, which are at least 14.5 inches apart.

 Make sure the lines are both parallel, use a masking tape for precision if necessary.

Mark the spots for the screws:

Now that you have two vertical lines on the wall, you need to draw two horizontal lines this time so that you have two intersecting points where you are going to put the screws in later.

This step is pretty much similar to step 3, all you have to do is make sure the lines are both level so that later on, your skateboard isn’t tilted or uneven. Mark the points with your pencil so that they are easy to spot.

Screw the knots into the wall:

Now that you’ve done all the other things, all that’s left is to screw the knots of the rope into the wall. If the wall you’re going to screw is wooden, there’s no need to drill the holes. You can just use a hammer and screw into it on both the points.

However, if the wall is masonry, then you’re gonna need an electric drill to drill the holes for you and then use a wall plug on both sides. After that, just use a screwdriver and after putting a screw through one of the knots, screw it tightly into the wall. Do the same for the other knot and screw.

There you have it, a skateboard-hanging rope ready for you. Slide the rope from over both the wheels and the truck and your skateboard will hang itself nicely on the wall.

2) How to Hang skateboard using fishing line:

Another quick method to hang your skateboard vertically on the wall is by a fishing line or any colorless string.

Fishing lines or colorless strings are used for this purpose to make it look like the board is levitating in air, to give it a decent and clean look. However, it is necessary that you take off the truck before you try to hang the deck.

Tools Required:

Some simple materials that you will require for this method are:

  • Nails or wall hangers.
  • Fishing line or any colorless strings.
  • Scissors to cut the line.
  • Hammer or an electric drill.

Important Steps:

Hammering the nail:

First thing you need to do is hammer a nail into the wall. Make sure you know where you want to hang your skateboard and then just grab a nail or a wall hanger and punch it into the wall using a hammer.

Cut the string:

Next, cut the string to the measurement you require. Unlike a rope, you want the fishing line to be as short as possible, to get a clean look. If the string or fishing line is too long, it’ll end up being exposed from the top when you hang your board and that will just look untidy.

So, make sure the fishing line or the string is at most 9 or 10 inches long. In this way, the line will hide behind the deck when you hang your board.

Insert the string or the fishing line:

Now that the nail is already in the wall, the only thing left is for you to insert the fishing line or the string through the holes of the deck and secure it there. Start by inserting the line through the topmost holes of the deck.

Insert it into one of the topmost screw holes from the front face and bring it back out from the other. In this way, the front face will face the wall when you hang it, which will give quite a nice and clean look.

Tie a knot:

The last and the most important thing is to tie a knot. It might be a bit hectic to tie a fishing line but make sure the knot is tight and strong so that it doesn’t come off.

Hang the deck onto the nail:

That’s about it for this method. After tying the nail, you just have to hang the deck onto the nail. Again, make sure the front face of the deck is facing towards the wall.

Note:- Most people prefer this method because of how clean and invisible it looks but if you want to avoid using a fishing line because of the little scratches it can cause to the deck or the paint, you can also use a shoelace. There are shoelaces of several colours which you can match with the color of your deck.

3) How to Hang Skateboard Using wall mount:

skateboard deck

Next up is a more premium method to hang your skateboard deck on the wall. This one may be a lot more advanced but it’s certainly a permanent and sturdy way to hang your skateboards.

Not only does it protect your board from damage, but a nice and strong looking wall mount will also make your board decks look presentable.

Note:- You need to take off the trucks for this method as well.

Tools Required:

  • A drill machine
  • A wall mount set including a wall mount plate, two long bolts and their two corresponding nuts, a wall anchor and the screw to go into the wall, two t-nuts to tighten the deck on the wall mount.
  • Hammer for the wall anchor
  • Screwdriver

Important Steps:

Drilling the hole in the wall:

First things first, you need to drill a single hole in the wall according to where you want to hang the deck. (Obviously make sure it’s not too low to the ground)

After that, just hammer the wall anchor into the drilled hole.

Preparing the wall mount plate:

After the hole is ready, you need to make sure the wall mount plate is all set and ready for it to be screwed into the wall. For that, take the long bolts and insert them into the two holes on the plate from the back. (so that the long bolts face outward)

Make sure both the long bolts are inserted all the way in and are parallel. Afterwards, take the two nuts and wind them over the two long bolts until they touch against the plate tightly.

Fixing the wall mount plate on the wall:

Now that the plate is ready, take the plate and place the top hole of the plate over the wall anchor that you hammered into the wall earlier. Once they’re both aligned, take the screw and wind it through the plate’s hole and into the wall anchor. Tighten the screw with a screwdriver.

Slide the long bolts through the deck holes:

The last and final thing left is to take your deck in your hands and align both of its uppermost holes in front of the long bolts of the wall mount plate. Make sure the front face of the deck is facing towards the wall.

Slowly move the long bolts through the holes until the deck is firmly hanging on the wall mount. After that, just wind the t-nuts over the long bolts tightly to avoid the risk of the deck falling down.

4) Hang skateboard deck without drilling or hammering:

Another possible way that a lot of people would prefer is without a drill machine or hammering nails into the wall. Especially younger audiences who usually don’t have access to such tools prefer a more portable method to hang their skateboards on the wall.

In this case, you can use a plastic hanger and wall strips to hang your skateboard deck. Wall strips are basically two-sided stickable strips that can be attached to cupboards or walls from one side and a plastic hook or hanger can be attached to the strip from the front.

However, it is recommended that you look for the plastic hanger and strips with the appropriate weight limit as you don’t want your deck to be too heavy for the hanger.

Note that it’s better you take off the truck from the deck here as well because the truck is just going to weigh the whole deck down which will make it risky to hang the deck.

Tools Required:

  • Plastic hanger and wall strips
  • Shoelaces or threads

Important Steps:

  • First of all, take a wall strip and take off the cover from either side. Take the wall strip and place the exposed strip onto the wall where you want to hang the skateboard.

Make sure you apply some pressure so that the wall strip sticks nicely to the wall.

  • Next, take the strip cover off from the front face of the wall strip. When the cover is off, take the plastic hanger and place its back against the wall strip to make it stick.

Make sure that it sticks nicely so that the hanger doesn’t fall off.

  • Afterwards, take a shoelace or a thread and insert it through the uppermost hole from the front of the deck and take it out from the other uppermost hole.
  • Tie a knot strongly so that the knot doesn’t come off.
  • Finally, hang the deck of your skateboard over the plastic hanger with the help of the thread or the shoelace.


To sum up things, there can be many reasons you want to hang your skateboard on the wall. Some people want to showcase their classics while some people just like to keep their decks in order.

Regardless, there are many possible ways to do that such as by ropes, fishing lines or just using a permanent wall mount.

I explained that above in the easiest way possible so that you can join your friends in the unending competition of having and showing off the best skateboard collection!

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