Top 7 Best USA Made Hoverboards In 2022

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The hoverboard, usually called the hands-free scooter, is pretty trending nowadays. If you are looking for USA Made Hoverboards, you have reached the right place. We are here to give you a detailed guide about hoverboards made in the USA, along with the best hoverboards explaining their features, specifications, and many more. Hoverboards don’t hover.

The self-balancing scooter, also known as a self-balancing motorbike, first appeared around 2013 and instantly became a must-have toy for kids and adults. However, it is no longer popular. The reason is that it no longer has an appeal. The explosion of some hoverboard batteries in 2014 cooled interest in some of these cheaply made boards.

Nevertheless, the industry has quickly addressed the battery issues, and it has become easier to distinguish between good products and bad ones. Now that hoverboard batteries are UL-certified, they can be used as a fun, safe way to get around short distances. If you’re looking for your self-balancing scooter, these are the best USA-made hoverboards options to consider.

We have chosen the hoverboards in our list that are safe and friendly. Furthermore, they all come with safety certificates. That’s why you don’t have to worry while buying one for yourself.

Top 3 picks

Top Pick

Hover-1 Ultra Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

Hover-1 Ultra Electric

  • LED lights
  • Perfect for kids
  • Comfortable ride

Budget Pick

Emaxusa Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

Emaxusa Hoverboard

  • Safety certified
  • Self-balancing
  • Bluetooth connection

Premium Choice

Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard with Built in Bluetooth Speaker

Jetson Flash Self Balancing

  • Perfect battery timing
  • 3 ride modes
  • Anti slip grip mat

7 Best USA Made Hoverboards

1. Hover-1 Ultra Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Hover-1 Ultra Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

If you are looking for the best hoverboard for kids, you may find it difficult because kids are far more sensitive than adults. That’s why you have to be more careful.

The good thing is that we have simplified this task for you and come up with the Hover-1 Ultra Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter, a perfect hoverboard for kids.


If you are riding at night, there are LED lights on the hands-free scooter. The hoverboard can also be used to flaunt your new style accessory. You can ride it for up to four hours on one charge.

This hoverboard is meant for kids and is also perfect for adults. With wheels that are 6.5 inches in diameter, we know that they are solid and able to handle users of all ages.

The speed is also something to consider. The pace is something everyone wants to know. The hoverboard can reach speeds of 10 meters per second. 

It’s a great option in such a situation. Hover-1 is the brand that provides the best hoverboards with excellent performance and an elegant appearance.

The hoverboard with such a high level of features must be considered one of the best USA-made hoverboards. 


  • Smooth and speedy
  • Easy to Ride
  • Ergonomic design and sleek body
  • Comes with LED Lights


  • Riding at high-speed can be dangerous

2. Emaxusa Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

Emaxusa Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

Those looking for a self-balancing scooter and Bluetooth should consider the Emaxusa Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter their first choice.

This is one of the most reliable and safe hoverboards made in the USA. It is a New UL2272 hoverboard certified for those looking for a fun yet stylish hoverboard.


The body and wheel hubs of this innovative hoverboard have spider patterns. The range is 10 miles, and the maximum speed is 7 mph. The family loves it since it can carry up to 200 pounds.

While riding, you can wirelessly connect your Bluetooth stereo speaker to your onboard speaker so that you can hear your favorite music. It works with Android, iPhone, or any laptop or computer with Bluetooth connectivity.

The top light and headlights change color as you move forward, reverse, and turn. Thanks to their self-balancing technology, hoverboards are safer and more accessible for beginners and amateurs.


  • It comes with a Bluetooth connection
  • LED Lights
  • Easy to Turn and reverse
  • Safety certified


  • Batteries do not last long

3. Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard

Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard with Built in Bluetooth Speaker

Kids tend to be attracted to flashy items more than other gadgets. Your children will love it no matter what, as long as it has a variety of colors in it.

That is true also for this Jetson hoverboard. Aside from the color, the powerful motor will also catch your attention. You can now ride your US-made hoverboard at breakneck speeds.


Flash is given its name since it has the fastest speed of 12 mph to get anywhere on earth. A long ride is fun, but it can get boring after a while. The hoverboard has been designed with built-in speakers keeping that in mind.

You won’t get bored with your hoverboard since it plays songs. Additionally, the device has a powerful battery capable of providing three hours of productivity and up to 12 miles of use on a single charge. Further if you want to know how far can a Hoverboard go on single charge read this guide.

Up to 231 pounds can be carried by it. It comes with an app that lets you change the riding modes, check the battery level, and track your riding history. The device is fitted with lights that light up while it’s moving. This Jetson device is also equipped with LED lights.


  • Best for kids
  • Good battery timing
  • Comes with B.T. Speakers
  • All-Terrain Wheels


  • Not able to carry high weight

4. Segway Ninebot S and S-Max Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

The safer hoverboard is the Segway Ninebot S and S-Max Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter. It comes with LED Lights and robust portability.

Moreover, this American-made hoverboard is waterproof, that’s why you can use it in any weather condition without any worry.


The performance is impressive, despite its small size. Like the others, it can also support weights of up to 220 pounds. Despite the speed limit of 10 miles per hour, the motor is powerful enough to keep up.

This hoverboard has even more significant 10-inch tires for improved traction on the road. Due to its magnesium alloy base, it is solid and lightweight at the same time.

Due to its small size, it is highly portable so that you can bring it along in the trunk of your car. Segway also offers an app for controlling hoverboards made in the U.S. The Segway app can also be used to make the hoverboard anti-theft.


  • Meets all safety measurements
  • Powerful motor
  • Built-in app
  • Bigger tires


  • Not compatible with iPhone app

5. TOMOLOO Hoverboard, Electric Self Balancing Smart Scooter

TOMOLOO Hoverboard, Electric Self Balancing Smart Scooter

If you want to have an equally beneficial hoverboard for kids and adults, TOMOLOO Hoverboard comes into the picture. However, it is specially designed for kids, and its colorful appearance is pretty attractive to young ones.


A ring of RGB LEDs surrounds the wheel and is integrated into the front and rear grilles of the car. You can choose between a conservative black or a stylin’ cotton candy blue color. You can choose your colors and listen to music wirelessly with Bluetooth speakers.

An additional indication of its kid-centric design is its maximum weight load. Music’s Rhythm changes color and twinkles LED lights synchronously. This hoverboard can only accommodate 165-pound riders, and it has a 7-mile range. In addition, it weighs less than 18 pounds, making it easy to carry around for kids.

Compared to hoverboards intended for adults, there is not much difference between those designed for kids. Even adults are expensive toys, as they’re mainly intended for recreation. Although most grownups probably wouldn’t want to be seen on a hoverboard designed for kids, the Tomoloo Hoverboard could be a good alternative.


  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Colorful Design
  • Temperature- resistance


  • Poor-Quality Speakers

6. XPRIT 8.5” All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker

XPRIT 8.5'' All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker

The 8.5-inch threaded tires and wireless Bluetooth function ensure a smooth ride over gravel or sand as much as a 15-degree slope can be ridden uphill.


Featuring a high-strength lightweight ABS bumper panel that prevents it from rolling, the Hummer Hoverboard has bright white LEDs that ensure a safe ride.

Hoverboards are also available for less money, but chances are you won’t find one that offers the same combination of low cost, features, ease of use, and overall quality.

If you don’t push it too hard, Xprit’s $150 hoverboard battery can last up to an hour. The hoverboard will charge in two to three hours, depending on how hard you push it. Since the maximum weight is about 165 pounds, it’s best for kids and lighter adults.

Hoverboards with LED lights around the wheels and other parts of the chassis are an excellent choice for teens and young adults looking for a colorful way to ride.

They also have built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music while you ride. Xprit relies on solid rubber tires to keep prices at this level, but the footpads have anti-slip rubber for sure footing.


  • Portable and comfortable
  • Available in multiple colors
  • High battery life
  • It comes with Bluetooth speakers


  • Lights create issues sometimes

7. RIDE SWFT Blaze Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

RIDE SWFT Blaze Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

Let us help you decide on an electric hoverboard for your child if selecting one seems tricky. You can find an excellent hoverboard scooter for your child when you know where to look.

Put a smile on the faces of your loved ones by providing them with this unforgettable hoverboard instead of wasting your money and time on unreliable products.


With self-balancing scooter features like a self-balancing board, hoverboards for kids can be used both indoors and outdoors. You don’t have to worry if you’re a hoverboard beginner! It isn’t easy to find a better hoverboard scooter for beginners than the Swift Blaze.

Featuring self-balancing technology, non-slip footpads, and a sturdy build, this scooter is safe to ride indoors or outdoors, and it’s so easy to balance.

Our self-balancing scooter will allow you to ride up to 3 miles on a single charge, unlike other hoverboards that don’t get very far. In addition, your cruise speed can reach 7mph, so you’ll always be able to cruise smoothly. It’s a great mode of transportation as well.

You can be assured that your child will be safe when riding this hoverboard and when they take it for a spin. In addition to its 27-point safety inspection, UL 2272 battery certification, and overcharging protection, this product boasts an added level of safety.


  • Long battery life
  • Easy to Recharge
  • U.L. certified
  • Safe riding with LED Light


  • Not long-lasting

Hoverboards Made in The USA Buying Guide

Here is everything you need to know when buying a USA Made Hoverboard. There are so many choices available in the market that’s why you may find it a difficult task to find the best fit for you.

But you don’t have to worry, and we are here to help you. Below are some points that you have to keep in mind while buying American Made Hoverboards.


You will be in a hurry as the speed increases. Nevertheless, you should take safety precautions as well. Hoverboards with more incredible speeds are not recommended for beginners. It is still sufficient to run at an average 7 to 8 mph rate.

It is not recommended for beginners to use hoverboards exceeding 10 mph, as it is in the high-speed zone, potentially dangerous. Therefore, it might be best to select an option somewhere between the two so that you feel safe and can enjoy the ride.

Battery timing

Typically, the battery lasts between 3 and 4 hours; however, it depends on several factors. As well as travel speed and weather, incline and slope are the most critical factors that affect battery life. Battery life is also affected by the rider’s weight and the terrain.

Motor Power

It is essential to check the motor power when buying a hoverboard. Most hoverboards have 250-watt motors. Having dual motors on a self-balancing hoverboard ensures excellent performance.

Motor power for heavier engines can reach 300 Watts, but if you are somewhat more severe, ensure that the motor power on the hoverboard is not less than 300 watts.

Wheel Size

The size of the wheel is the next vital aspect to consider. Usually, the wheels range in size from 6.5 inches to 10.5 inches. Wheel size is determined by the size and functionality of the hoverboard.

In addition, you must consider the terrain of the area where you will use the hoverboard when choosing one. A vehicle with larger tires is best for rough terrain.


Up to 300 pounds is the ideal weight capacity. Weights up to 220 pounds are acceptable. The weight capacity of a power board should not be less than 220 pounds. There is a 240-pound weight capacity that can accommodate many people, and it works wonderfully.

Safety certificates should also be checked. Hoverboard certifications should be limited due to overheating and other safety concerns. U.L. certification is usually required for hoverboards.

FAQs Section

Are hoverboards made in the USA?

Hoverboards with U.L. certification is all safe to ride. Our hoverboards are all certified by U.L., a US-based company, to ensure their safety and quality. Don’t worry, because we still offer quality hoverboards here in the USA, even though they aren’t made here.

What are the safest hoverboard brands?

A device with UL 2272 certification has been thoroughly tested and inspected before accreditation. With companies like Razor, Gotrax, Swagtron, Halo, Jetson, Tomoloo, overheating hoverboards, and a few others dominating the market, they are now safer and more popular than ever.

Where is Swagtron manufactured?

All Swagtron products are manufactured in the USA.

Are hoverboards safe in 2022?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were no hoverboard recalls in 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021. What’s the reason? They are safe enough since they meet the UL2272 testing standard.

Who makes the original hoverboard?

It may be over for the hoverboard craze, but that hasn’t stopped its creator from trying again. Shane Chen is the man behind Inventist LLC, which makes the Solowheel and the Hovertrax hoverboards. His new rideable, the Solowheel Iota, will be crowdfunded via Kickstarter.


We conclude our discussion with the hope that now you are pretty familiar with American Hoverboards, their functions, and all other features as you have gone through our picks. These products are meant to provide you with fun without compromising on safety.

 These USA Made Hoverboards are best for you if you are concerned about security and want an excellent product. We assure you will not repent by investing money here.

Moreover, we value your time and money. All these hoverboards are worth buying. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a hoverboard made in the USA and have fun!

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