How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?

Are you looking for a guide on How Much Does a Skateboard Cost? Skateboarding has become a passion for many, whether it be young teenagers or adults. Some people prefer custom made skateboards while some like to own branded ones. The problem lies in the cost of these skateboards.

We’ve all made that mistake where we ended up spending too much on something because we had poor knowledge of how much it cost, the prices of different components and the market price. That is why I’m writing this article to help you guys know better before you go on and purchase your skateboard.

With the rise in prices of building components, it has become a dilemma for many people whether they should really purchase a ready-made skateboard or build one by themselves.

But, after going through this article, you will have complete knowledge of different skateboard parts, how much they cost and if you should prefer a ready-made skateboard or build one yourself.

An average skateboard may cost you around $80 – $150, depending on where you buy it from. Before we get started on the details however, let me give you an overview of the different parts of a skateboard:

Apart from these, there are also additional components such as protective gear and shoes that I will shortly discuss in the end.

Why are skateboards expensive?

Skateboarding, like any other sport, requires a lot of money to be spent and buying a skateboard is simply the start of spending your money openly.

The additional costs of protective gear and not to mention, good shoes to protect your soles from being injured also cost a lot.

It’s not like only skateboards are expensive, everything in the world that is constantly being used is going to require work to be done. e.g: if you have been driving a car for a long time, eventually it’s going to break down and it’s going to require repairs.

So, what matters is that you spend your money wisely instead of wasting it on useless components and that’s why I am going to guide you through the costs of different skateboard components.

Let’s start looking at different parts and their costs individually.

How much do skateboard decks cost?

skateboard decks

A good skateboard deck is the first thing that you will have to buy if you’re going to be building a skateboard. Skateboard decks usually cost around 50 bucks on average.

Some plain skateboard decks may cost as low as $20 – $30 but they’re usually for beginners and may break easily after a few sessions.

Prices may vary according to how thick the deck is, how concave it is, how much room there is on the deck and how sturdy and strong it is in general.

All of these factors determine a good deck for a skateboard but with them, prices also start to rise from $70 – $100+.

How much do skateboard trucks cost?

skateboard trucks

Trucks are the second most important component of a skateboard because skateboarders have to rely on these components for their tricks etc.

Low quality trucks may be cheaper (like 20$ or 25$ at most) but they don’t benefit you in the long term because they are less durable and they will break easily after a short period of time.

Good quality trucks range from $70 – $80, a little expensive than simple low quality trucks but that pays off in the long term when they are able to withstand a lot of riding and tricks. Nevertheless, it’s better to spend nicely on trucks once rather than spending money again and again.

How much do I spend on the wheels?

skateboard  wheels

Skateboard wheels are the hardest component to choose because there are so many different choices you can make in pretty much every budget. Wheels can cost pretty much anything from $20 to $50

It’s all about how the wheels are made, using cheaper plastics make low quality wheels that may only last for limited time while using good materials can manufacture wheels that can last for years.

If you have just entered the skateboarding world, it’s better you don’t spend too much money on the wheels but if you have good experience, it’s best to get a nice set of wheels that can last for a year or two easily.

Do I need to spend money on grip tape?

skateboard grip tape

How much you spend on a grip tape totally falls on your personal choice. For a beginner, the grip tape that sometimes comes with the deck is fine too.

Apart from adding to the appearance, they play the role of providing you grip to stay on as well.

Some grip tapes may cost from $5 – $15 but prices may rise higher if there are stylish vinyls and graphics printed on them.

If you have some extra cash on your hand and want your skateboard to look cool and eye-catching then you should absolutely go for a nice graphic grip tape.

How much will the wheel bearings and nuts cost?

How Much Does a Skateboard Cost

Moving on to even cheaper components for your skateboard are the wheel bearings and the bolts and nuts.


Wheel bearings enable the wheels to rotate freely on the axle of the truck.

It’s not necessary to get expensive wheel bearings for your skateboard. Usually, good quality wheel bearings cost around $20 only, compared to ceramic bearings which are like $100 – $200.

The main difference here is that ceramic bearings are usually required for extreme speeds whereas normal wheel bearings aren’t usually as expensive.

However, it is extremely important that you take care of all the parts, especially bearings. Cleaning and lubricating the wheel bearings every once in a while is bound to keep them as good as new.

Nuts and bolts:

Another good news is that all the hardware i.e: small bolts and nuts that are needed to lock the parts in one place are cheap. Usually, you can get them for like $4 or $5.

Ready-made skateboards vs Building your own:

Now that we’ve gone through all the costs of different parts of a skateboard, it’s time to decide whether you should buy a ready-made skateboard from an online store or a skate shop near you OR you should just focus on getting the parts separately according to your preference and build it yourself.

Personally, I would suggest you to focus on building your skateboard yourself because of two reasons:

  1. Ready-made skateboards sometimes just aren’t what you’re looking for, e.g: you might want a different deck or the wheels are too big or small for you. At least by building your own skateboard, you will have a free hand of what parts you want to choose etc.
  2. The second reason is that ready-made skateboards might not live up to the cost in terms of quality but they still end up being more expensive than just the parts separately because of market prices. If you have to make some modifications, you’ll have to spend even more money.

That is why I prefer getting the parts separately and building it yourself. In this way, you will have complete knowledge of your skateboard as well.

Final Thoughts:

To sum up things, the costs of skateboards can vary depending upon the brand and quality. You can get a pretty average skateboard for about $70 – $160 but if you look at the extra amounts you’ll have to spend on modifications, gear and tools etc then it’s pretty clear you’ll have to worry about spending your money wisely.

Luckily for you, I have already laid out a complete detailed explanation for you so now it shouldn’t be much of an issue. In the end, taking complete care of your board’s parts and the gear can save you a lot of money.

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