Top 10 Easy Steps How To Paint A Skateboard

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You can buy your preferred skateboard deck from any market or store. There are many skateboards on the market. Some are attractive and colorful. I love painting. I love to paint skateboards. If you like to paint your boards, you can buy a blank deck from the market and customize it as you want. How to Paint a skateboard deck is a rewarding and interesting project.

10 Easy Steps How To Paint A Skateboard

People who love unique things will find that skateboards are suitable for them. If you buy it from the market, it might be possible that someone else will have the same design in the skate park as you have. You can draw your designs on your board and thus create your own unique design. In this article, you will learn about how to paint a skateboard.

List Of Items That Needed For Skateboard Painting:

Before starting your skateboard painting, you need to collect the following items:

How To Paint A Skateboard Painting Tips:

Before painting your skateboard, you must know the following important points:

  • To avoid self-adhering damage, make sure you use personal protective equipment like face masks, goggles, and gloves.
  • You should paint in an open area or a well-ventilated room.
  • For best results, make sure to use primer and sandpaper before painting.
  • When you finish your design, make sure to protect your design with a sealant or clear coating.

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Prepare For Skateboard Painting:

Start your work, but before you start, make sure that you have worn a dirty dress so that if your clothes become dirty, you don’t mind deterring. The process of how to paint a skateboard can create a large mess, and spray paint can create paint spots. Surfaces you want to protect should be covered with a tarp before painting a skateboard.

It’s better to set up an area in the backyard of your home if weather permits because an open area outside is more suitable. While using aerosols, the area must be ventilated. Opening windows and turning on fans will be helpful, and you should also wear a mask to avoid inhaling the fumes. You can use gloves to protect your hands from getting painted.

Steps For Painting A Skateboard Deck:

1: Remove The Trucks Of Your Board:

remove trucks from skateboard

The wheels of the board are connected to the deck through the truck and its associated parts. By using a wrench, loosen and remove the nuts on the bolts by turning them in a counterclockwise direction. Then remove the bolts from both trucks. Now the trucks get free. Save them in a separate place.

2: Sand The Board:


Sand down the old design before you paint the skateboard. Put your truck-less board on a table. You can start with lower-grit sandpaper and then move gradually to a higher number to get a smoother surface. When using your electric sander, use it with 40-grit sandpaper.

Use steady and firm pressure to completely remove the existing design of your skateboard. Then give the surface of your board an even smoother finish by using 150-grit sandpaper.

3: Use Of Tape:

Use Of Tape

Use tape to cover the sides and top of your deck. The use of tape on the sides and top sides of your board will protect your board from drips and streaks. Try to use painter’s tape to ensure the tape pulls free easily from the board.

4: Apply An Aerosol Primer Or Hand Primer On Your Skateboard:

Apply an aerosol primer or hand primer on your skateboard

The primer provides a second layer of protection for your deck. Apply a coat of your primer to the deck of the skateboard after you have covered the areas with painter’s tape. You can use an aerosol primer or a hand primer. Make sure the coat of primer covers your deck well. It will prevent scratches and wraps. It will protect from dirt and water.

While applying primer, make sure you use a facemask, gloves, and goggles to protect yourself from the fumes. Try to use well-ventilated areas. You can apply one or two coats of primer, as you want. If you want to apply more than one coat, make sure the initial layer is completely dry before applying the second coat.

5: Preparing Sketch:

Preparing Sketch On Your Skateboard

Until the primer is dry, take a piece of paper to create some rough sketches. This is an important part. I always draw my sketch ideas on paper to finalize my design before painting a skateboard.

6: Smoothing Deck With Sandpaper:


After applying the primer coat, re-sand the board with 150-grit sandpaper. Make sure the primer is completely dry before re-sanding. If there are blisters, bubbles, or other irregularities on the surface of the board, remove them by using sandpaper. The re-sanding process will give your skateboard a smooth finish after painting.

7: Prepare The Colors For Your Design:

Prepare The Colors For Your skateboard Design

You can apply as many colours as you want. If you want to apply five different colours to your design, five layers of paint must be applied. It depends on you which colour you want to apply first.

8: Paint The Skateboard:

Paint The Skateboard

This is an important step in skateboard painting. In this step, you paint your skate deck. You can paint your design using your favourite technique, such as stencils, spray painting, customer paint, acrylic paint, inkjet image transfer, or any other technique you prefer.

9: Seal The Design On Your Skateboard:

Seal The Design On Your Skateboard

You must apply some clear coating or a sealer after painting your skateboard. This will protect your design. Before you are going to add another coat, make sure to allow the first coat to dry fully.

10: Re-Install The Trucks:

How To Reinstall Your Skateboard trucks

Now it’s time to put the trucks back on your skateboard. You can put the trucks back when the deck is dry completely. Be happy; your skateboard is now ready to use with a unique design. Surely, no one will have the same design in the skate park.

How To Paint A Skateboard Best Painting Techniques For All:

If you want to give your skateboard a unique and new look in a couple of minutes, you can follow the following skateboard painting ideas.

1: Stencils

If you are interested in painting some words or characters on the skateboard deck, you can use stencils. Stencils are the best way to go for such paintings. Stencils give a clean, crisp look to your design.

2: Easy Spray Painting

By using spray paint, you can easily paint a skateboard. By using this technique, you can give your skateboard a brand-new look without much effort. You can put stencils on the board and paint it. You can spray paint easily, but it can create a large mess.

3: Custom Painted Skateboard

If you have any artistic skills, you can use this custom-made skateboard technique to show off your artistic work. Draw and paint your favourite drawing on the skateboard.

4: Painting Skateboard With Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paint is the best paint for your skateboard. Acrylic paint is permanent, durable, and easy to work with. If you want extra protection and permanence for your design, you can add a sealant on the top. Acrylic paints give a bold and vibrant look to the deck surface. It is a fast-drying paint. It has easy-to-clean properties. By using this paint, you can paint a nice sketch.

5: Paint Marker Skateboard

Some people think that painting with markers is easier than painting with brushes. You can use markers to paint your skateboard. Painting with a marker gives a unique look to your sketch and design. Marker painting is a clean work because it produces less mess.

6: Design With Masking Tape

By using masking tape, you can paint patterns or designs on the skateboard. This is a creative way of painting. You can create a base coat on the board by using spray paint or whatever paint you want to use. After that, use masking tape to create a pattern on the board. By using this method, you can create a skateboard pattern in a neat and quick method.

7: Inkjet Image Transfer

If you love designing but your painting skills are not so good or you have no confidence in your painting skills, don’t worry, because by using inkjet image transfer, you can transfer images on your skateboard.

8: Refurbishing A Skateboard

If you already have an old skateboard, you can repaint it and change its look completely by sketching your favourite design. After repainting, it looks different. No one can imagine that it is the old deck. It will become brand new. You can write messages or text on the board, you can draw a sketch on it, you can transfer images by using inkjet image transfer, you can paint a pattern on it, or can prepare your deck as you want.

9: Customized skateboard grip tape

You can use these customized grip tapes to express your love for sketching. In this way, you can express your talent. You can choose any option from a variety of available options and paint your skateboard.

10: Pattern Painting

You can give your skateboard an eye-catching look by painting a pattern on your board. To create a pattern on your board, first you have to paint your board. You can use spray paint to paint your board. Then you can create your pattern on the board by using paintbrushes.

11: Fox Skateboard

Fox’s fur is a technique in skateboard painting. If you are interested in giving your skateboard a distinctive look or you have painting skills, then you can create this vibrant painting on your board.

12: SpongeBob Skateboard

If you create cartoon characters on your board, it will look so funny and beautiful. I think there is nothing better than a funny Spongebob. You can create a SpongeBob scene on your skateboard. In this way, you can customize your deck uniquely. People will like your board.

13: Spray Painting Skateboard

Spray painting can be done easily and quickly. You can add any message, or you can write anything using the stencils. You can even write the name of your friend and give it to your best friend as a gift. But spray painting can create a great mess.

14: Masking Tape

Design masking or masking tape is another creative way of painting. You can use masking tape to create painted patterns on your skateboard deck. By using this method, you would paint a base coat on your board by using spray paint or brushes and then create patterns with masking tape. When the paint is dry, you can put off the masking tape. This will give your board a neat and clean look. This is a quick method for painting your board.

15: Custom Skateboard Decks

There are different ways to customise a skateboard. You can take a blank deck from the market or you can use your old deck to customise it. You can paint it, make sketches on it, or draw your favourite pattern on it. You can write your favourite words on it, or you can customise it as you want. If you don’t want to paint your board, you can also carve the outer edges into different shapes. Make sure that the drift of the skateboard is not affected.

16: Using liquid Soap Creates A Random Pattern

You may spread liquid soap on your board randomly and then paint over it with spray paint. You can use this method instead of using designs or patterns. In this way, you can create a messy and unique, vibrant pattern on your skateboard.

17: Single Bold color

If you are not interested in making patterns or designs on your deck, So, this is the method, especially for you. You can paint your board in a single bold color. You can choose your favorite color to paint your board. Whenever you like, after painting your board, you can add patterns and designs to this board too.

18: Themed Skateboard

Themed skateboards are a creative idea. You can give your skateboard a themed display. With this method, you can create particular characters, game characters, sea kingdoms, or whatever you like to create on your board.


You can paint a skateboard helmet. Some people love to paint their helmets. You can make a sketch on your helmet, or you can write some words, and characters, or you can draw an image on your helmet. You can use spray paint or paintbrushes.

You can use a skateboard painting kit to create your graphics or custom design on your skateboard or skateboard helmet. It will give a great look to your board and helmet.

For skateboard painting, acrylic paint is the best paint. Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint. To paint a skateboard, you can use acrylic paint to apply your favourite graphics to your board.


No doubt, painting is great fun. Of course, how to paint a skateboard deck is a fun and interesting job. Choose your favorite design or technique, and paint your skateboard. For best results, make sure to use primer and sandpaper before painting.

Of course, you have to spend a little money on the materials that are used in painting. Your efforts are also countable. If you have any suggestions, please share your suggestions about painting skateboards in the comment section. Thank you.

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