How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost ?

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The price is the major consideration when purchasing an electric skateboard. Which makes us wonder, how much does an electric skateboard cost? The answer to “how much does an electric skateboard cost” is quite simple because it varies by brand and model. An electric skateboard typically costs around $500.

How much does an electric skateboard cost

There’re different costs for an electric skateboard depending on the model and brand. You should find the Perfect Electric Skateboard for you, regardless of your budget. The cost of different electric skateboards varies depending on the type of brand and model.

What Drives Electric Skateboard Prices So High?

The most expensive type of e-board is the electric skateboard. They contain many of the most expensive electrical components. The use of batteries and motors is the reason for it’s expensiveness because lithium-ion batteries and electric motors are the most expensive components. Electric skateboards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

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If you’re looking for a beginner electric skateboard, you should consider a longboard. A shortboard is the best option if you’re a beginner. They’re more stable and have a higher top speed. They’re ideal for cruising around town because they’re more stable and easier to control.

The Cost-Determining Factors For Electric Motors Are As Follows:

1: Battery

skateboard battery

The battery is the most valuable part of an electric skateboard. When determining an electric skateboard’s price, battery life is an important factor. The cost of these batteries is in the hundreds of dollars. Thus, the price increases as the battery’s strength increases. While determining an electric skateboard’s range, power, torque, and speed, the battery also helps.

Three common skateboard batteries are LiPo, Li-ion, and LiFePo batteries. Li-ion is the most common battery type. It has a longer lifespan and it’s safer to use.

2: Motor

How To Choose A skateboard  Motor

The board’s motor is the most determinant component of the electric skateboard. Utilizing an electric motor is expensive. Now a days, most skateboards have dual motors. It has become a standard for a good or reputable electric skateboard. The raw materials used in manufacturing electric skateboard motors are costly.

Although copper is not an inexpensive material to procure, copper coils make up the majority of motors. The reason they’re expensive is also the design of the board’s motor. A good electric skateboard motor requires a tonne of engineering and experimentation to create. A dual-motor arrangement can significantly increase the price of a board.

3: Labour Cost, High Taxes

The heart of any business is it’s workforce. The cost of labour is high in places like North America and Europe. The final price of skateboards includes taxes as well.

4: Less Demand

Electric skateboards are not in high demand because the e-board market is still developing. Because of this, the producers don’t produce them in bulk, which leads to their high prices.

5: Remaining Electronic Components

The remaining electronic components that make up an electric skateboard are: the price of an ESC, wiring, remote control, etc. on a board quickly adds up and raises the over-all cost. The manufacturing quality has a significant influence on the cost of these components As with anything, generally, these components are likely to be of higher quality if you spend more money on them.

6: Deck

The deck is the other important cost determinant. The deck attracts the eye first. Each material has a different deck; however, to reduce weight and cost, most companies use wood (Canadian Maple or Bamboo) or composite (a flexible cloth+epoxy). Some companies use a combination of wood and composites.

In these models, the outer layers are made of composites and the inner layers consist of wood. However, carbon fiber, fiber glass, or Kevlar are the other deck materials that’re commonly used. Because of this, the cost of decks varies greatly depending on the percentage of the material used and it’s quality. All the materials used in the deck have exceptional features.

For example, composites are light-weight, corrosion-resistant, and durable; compared to composites, wood is more flexible and better absorbs vibrations. On the other hand, wooden decks are usually more flexible and absorb more vibrations from riding surfaces. Typically, wooden decks cost from $80 to $200, and carbon fiber decks cost between $200 to $500.

7: Trucks And Wheels

The cost of these components is mostly determined by manufacturing materials and design. You can buy cheap trucks and wheels easily. Trucks and wheels take most of the damage from rough riding conditions and are likely to last less if built of cheap or less expensive materials.

Generally, the quality of raw materials used to make the wheels and trucks for electric skateboards tends to increase with price. The cost range for trucks and wheels is between $100 and $400.

8: Customer Services And Warranties

Good customer service attracts new customers a lot and helps retain the existing ones. That’s why companies spend a lot of money on improving their customer’s relationships. These extra expenses are included while setting an electric skateboard price.

9: Top Brands

As Compared to lesser-known products, top-brand electric skateboards are more expensive. However, better warranty terms and better customer service make these extra expenditures worthwhile.

Essential things to consider before purchasing:

The following are some things to keep in mind while buying an electric skateboard:

1: Size

There are two types of electric skateboards : longboards and shortboards. As compared to skateboards, longboards are longer and usually have a higher top speed. You can use longboards for commuting, cruising around town, or as a fun toy. As compared to skateboards, short boards are shorter and usually have a lower top speed.

Shortboards don’t require as much balance and control as a longboard, which is why they’re better for beginners. Avoid purchasing large skateboards if you want an electric skateboard to commute on a daily basis. Because they take up too much space and are difficult to carry. So, always pick a skateboard that matches your required size.

2: High speed

The top speeds of electric skateboards vary. Unquestionably, the high speed of an electric skateboard ride is the real fun. Surely, everyone wants to get where they’re going on time. Speeds of up to 15 miles per hour can be attained by the fastest electric skateboards.

These models, which usually cost between $1,000 and $5,000, are perfect for people who wish to cruise around town at a high speed without being seen.

3: Weight

Board weight is another crucial aspect to consider. Boards with a higher top speed typically weigh more. Electric skateboards with the highest top speed are about 4 pounds. You have to buy a skateboard that supports your weight.

You have to buy a skateboard with a standard weight capacity if you’re an average-sized person. Don’t forget to check the size and weight of the board you want to buy if you’re more than average.

4: High-quality materials

When using an electric skateboard constructed of substandard materials, accidents happen quite frequently. Just to save a few dollars, avoid buying the cheap ones. Skateboards made of bamboo wood are typically more robust than plastic ones.

5: Wheels

The wheels of skateboards are essential to a smooth ride. The most durable wheels are urethane, which allows the rider to have a smooth experience on any surface. So, before making a purchase, always check out the quality and design of the wheels.

6: Price

There’re many factors to consider before purchasing a skateboard. These factors are: size, shape, top speed, weight, and price. For instance, you should be aware that the higher the top speed, the heavier the board will be. Due to this, the fastest electric skateboard is about $1,000.

7: Battery life

The battery is the most crucial component of any electric skateboard. Purchasing a battery with at least a 10-hour charge is recommended. Additionally, make sure that the board has a removeable battery. In this manner, you can easily change the battery when it runs out of power.

A Comparison Of The Most Popular Electric Skateboard Brands And Models:

Brands of electric skateboardAmerican DollarPound
Canadian DollarAustralian DollarEuro
Acton Blink $399-999£320-800$560-1,400$620-155€365-915
BajaBoard $1,580-4,449£1,265-4,080$2,220-6255$2,250-6,900$1,445-4,075
Bioboards$ 2700 – 3300£2,170-2,650$3,800-4,650$4,200-5,130€2,475-3,025
Lacroix$2,499-3,999£2,005-3,210 $3,515-5,625$3880-6,205€2,290-3,665
Riptide Boards$599-999£480-800$840-1,405$930-1,550€550-915
Teamgee Boards$399-799£320-640$560-1,125$620-1,240€365-730

List Of The Most Papular Electric Skateboard Brands Prices

Electric Skateboard BrandAmerican DollarPound SterlingCanadian DollarAustralian DollarEuro
Acton Blink S$949£760$1,340$1,480€875
BajaBoard Pantera$4,500£3,500$6,330$7,004€4,150
Evolve Carbon GTR 2 in 1$1,230£990$1,730$1,909€1,130
Trampa Pro Gear Drive Vertigo$3,115£2,500$4,380$4,830€2,855
Lacroix Jaws$2,499£2,005$3,515$3,880€2,290
Meepo V3$439£355$620$680€400
OneWheel XR+$1,799£1,445$2,530$2,790€1,650
Riptide R1$599£480$840$930€550
Teamgee H5 37″$449£360$630$699€415
WowGo 2S$419£340$589$650€385

The Most Affordable Electric Skateboards:

When purchasing an electric skateboard, most people prioritise the price factor. So, if you’re looking for a low-cost but effective one, the list is as follows:

  1. Brushless Motor Electric Skateboard
  2. Wowgo 3 Electric Skateboards
  3. Blitzart 38″ Tornado Electric Board
  4. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard
  5. Voyager Neutrino Electric Skateboard
  6. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard
  7. Tony Hawk Electric Skateboard
  8. Swagtron SwagBoard NG-1 Classic Electric Skateboard
  9. Swagtron SwagSkate NG-3 Kids Electric Skateboard: $139.99 (original price: $160.00)

How much does an electric skateboard cost to recharge?

An electric skateboard costs between US$ 1 and US$ 20 cents to charge completely. You need to pay at least $35 per year for an electric skateboard with a 250-watt-hour battery capacity, which would be the equivalent of $2.4/h. This might be more affordable in some parts of the world than in others. In the USA, the average residential consumer’s electricity price is around 12 cents per kilowatt-hour.

In Australia, the average consumer electricity price is 35 cents per kilowatt-hour, in the UK it’s 18 cents per kilowatt-hour, in Canada it’s 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, in Europe it’s 22 cents per kilowatt-hour, and in Singapore, it’s 23 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Let’s just calculate how much it’ll cost to charge the e-board battery! I’ll use an average electric skateboard battery with 200Wh and a 22-cent per kilowatt home electricity rate for Australian consumers.

List Of Best Budget Electric Skateboards

Best Electric Skateboards Under $150 To $200:

  1. Tooluck 27.5″ Electric Skateboard
  2. Nesaila Electric Skateboard
  3. JKING Electric Skateboard
  4. Windseeker H2S-2 Electric Skateboard
  5. DEVO Electric Skateboard
  6. E-ASUM AS01 Electric Skateboard
  7. Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard
  8. BLITZART Mini Flash 28″ Electric Skateboard
  9. Caroma 32 inches Electric Skateboard
  10. VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser
  11. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboards Under $200 To $300:

  1. Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Skateboard
  2. Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard
  3. Backfire G2 Black-Upgrade Pick
  4. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

FAQs: How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost

The production cost of the electric skateboard range is $300-$1,000.

The cost of electric skateboards is between 200 and more than a few dollars. The cost for some of the most popular models ranges between $400 and $2,000.

The cost of an electric skateboard ranges between $200 and $5,000+USD.

How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost: Final Words

The best quality of electric skateboards is that they have different price ranges of prices.The ideal way to commute is on an electric skateboard. An electric skateboard is best if you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to commute.

To enjoy a safe and quick ride, simply choose any model you would like to try. Choose any model from the above according to your budget and enjoy a safe ride. Thank You!

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