14 Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

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I’m sure that if you’re starting out on the skateboard, you will wonder, “What are some Skateboard tricks for beginners that I should master to get started?” Skateboarding is one of those sports where taking things slowly and enjoying yourself along the way is the key to making progress. Each new trick that you pick up prepares you for the following in the series. It is essential to achieve a level of competence in the fundamentals before progressing to more complex techniques.


If you begin by mastering the moves for beginners, you will actually be able to learn the more advanced moves in a shorter amount of time. Assuming that you are already familiar with the fundamentals of skateboarding, such as pushing and turning, the following list of Skateboard tricks for beginners, to learn is organized from easiest to most difficult in terms of difficulty. Best Jeans For Skateboarding

14 Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

Because tricks are such an important aspect of skating, we have created a list of basic moves that all beginners should begin learning as soon as possible. Get started right away and tackle each one in its own time. Best of luck!

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1: Picking Up The Board

Tap quickly on the edge of the board, slide your foot away from the board as it pops up, and catch it with your palm when it has popped up. There are also a number of additional entertaining variants of this.

2: Manual

This is quite similar to a wheelie, however, it is performed on a skateboard. In order to ride, you must first elevate the front of the board and then ride on the two wheels that are located in the back. It demands you to maintain control of your weight and maintain a balanced center of gravity in order to stay on just the back two wheels for as long as possible.

Begin your preparation for this by performing some flat-ground drop-ins. Begin on your tail with your nose pointing upward, stomp the board to the ground as if you were falling in, and then learn to regulate the stomp down while keeping your balance on your back two wheels.

3: Kick Turn

While turning 180 degrees, shift your weight onto your rear foot so that you can maintain your balance on your back wheels. When twisting your body, use your shoulders to guide your hips in the movement. Place your weight on your back foot and bend ever-so-slightly in the direction you want to turn.

4: Tik Taks

You are performing a nose ride when you elevate your board’s nose, turn the front of your board clockwise to the left and right, and constantly touch the ground while doing so. The key to turning your board is to use your shoulders and upper body to steer your hips and lower body in the desired direction while keeping your upper body relatively still. Put the weight of your back foot in the direction you want, and you’ll start moving in that direction.

5: Stance Swap

The rider will position their feet to be in front of the other. For example, if you generally ride with your left foot in the front position, you would ride with your right foot in the front position (regular). If you wanted to exchange stances, you would put your right foot in front of the other foot (Goofy).

6: Ollie

An ollie is a type of skateboarding trick that includes launching your board into the air by popping the tail of your board off of a flat surface. The Ollie is the basis for most skateboarding tricks, including those performed on ramps.

7: Nollie

You can perform a nose Ollie, or “nollie,” in the same way as a standard Ollie, except that your front foot snaps down on the nose of the board instead of the tail, popping the tail and allowing you to land on your feet. A standard Ollie technique is used for this.

8: Pop Shuv-it

A standard shove-it is performed when the board rotates 180 or 360 degrees with only a small amount of air. A front side or backside pop shuv-it, also known as a pop shove-it, combines a standard shove-it with the pop of an Ollie. This type of trick may be performed either forwards or backwards.

9: Hard Flip

Combining a kick flip with a front side 180 pop shuv-it is the basis for the movement known as the hard flip. The name of this trick comes from the fact that it can be somewhat challenging to carry out.

10: Kick Flip

A kick flip is a common skateboard trick that launches the skater into the air and requires the skater to utilize their feet to rotate the skateboard through a full revolution, also called 360 degrees. The kick flip causes the skateboard to rotate toward the skater in mid-air.

11: Heel Flip

An Ollie is the first step in performing a heel flip on a skateboard. After that, the skateboarder will kick their front foot out in a diagonal direction and then flip the board using their front heel. This maneuver is the antithesis of a kick flip since it causes the board to spin away from the feet rather than toward them.

12: Front Side 180

To perform a front side 180, a sort of skateboarding trick, the skateboarder must combine an ollie with a turn that is 180 degrees in either direction. The regular Ollie is the first basic trick any new skateboarder should master. The switch Ollie is the second basic trick any new skateboarder should learn.

13: Backside 180

This trick is identical to the front side 180, except that you perform the spin in the opposite direction and lead with your back instead of your chest.

14: Power Slide

When you’ve mastered conventional braking and the kick turn, using a power slide to stop your board is an efficient alternative to using those techniques. To perform a power slide, you must turn the board to the side while it is moving to cause the wheels to skid to a stop.

FAQs: Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

When you Ollie, do you jump in the air?

It would be best if you began jumping up at the beginning of the ollie move. This indicates that you intend to move upward while simultaneously extending your legs explosively when in a crouched stance. The act of jumping will not be considered complete until both of your feet have been removed from the board.

What is the most difficult trick that can be performed on a skateboard?

The laser flip is likely the most difficult feat to land when performed on level ground. This move combines a 360 shuv with a variable heel flip into one seamless motion.

Is it possible to do ollies on grass?

The two most important aspects of the trick are the confidence that you can pull off an Ollie successfully and mastering the necessary motions. It is best to begin your training on a soft surface like grass or carpet.

Can you gain abs by skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a fantastic way to work your hamstrings, gluts, quads, lower back, and even your abs.

What exactly is meant by a “hospital flip”?

There are several similarities between a Hospital Flip and a Casper Flip. To perform a Casper Flip, you must rotate the board backward through 180 degrees with your back foot, then turn the board over onto your foot (grip tape to shoe laces) using your sliding foot.

Final Verdict: Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

Learning how to ride a skateboard could look like an intimidating task for someone who has never skated before. When you’ve finished reading these 14 Skateboard tricks for beginners, you’ll have the skills of a seasoned skater. But even if it doesn’t work out, you’re off to a good start here.

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