What Is Freeride Longboarding- Amazing Facts

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What is freeride longboarding, is a frequently asked questions by skateboarders and outdoor players. It is a type of longboarding but is different in some aspects. Freeride is about performing downhill drill riding in stylish powder styles.

It happens in other types of boarding where a person who rides on it moves quickly by force of wheels aboard. But this freeriding longboard technique is different from other types of longboarding. It is more about performing slides and spins than downhill racing.


Freeride longboarding is a unique and exhilarating sport that combines skateboarding and snowboarding skills. Freeride long boarders ride on streets, hills, and even mountains, using their boards to perform tricks and maneuvers that are both graceful and daring.

If you’re looking for an extreme new challenge or want to experience fun and excitement of freeride longboarding, this is perfect sport for you.

How Freeriding Longboarding Is Different From Other Longboarding

Freeriding longboarding is different from other longboarding in many aspects. As we described above here, main focus of a person is based on spins, slides, and other technical movements.

However, it’s essential to know all the disciplines and information for better understanding. Here is a brief comparison of this freeriding longboarding than other types of longboarding:


The main focus of this longboarding is to focus more on increasing speed on board and slide over surfaces.

However, freeriding is different where main focus is to slide and spin at a moderate pace. It is more about enjoying freeride downhill longboard at average speed, maybe 30 to 40 mph. Hence, main point in downhill vs freeride is speed.


It is somehow similar to freeride, used by those people who prefer to foot pushing at low speed. It is recommended to use freeride technique for those interested in transportation. Its other name is relaxing to freeride riding.


Another critical and versatile technique is freestyle. It is based on stunts and spinning rather than sliding at high speed. Difference between freeride and this technique is that it is recommended to perform straight roads or paths. While on the other hand, freeride is performed on mountains, hills, and different, most challenging paths.


Carving is another vital technique performed on downhill and straight roads. It is more about maintaining speed when you take a sudden curve on board or turn your position. While on the other hand, freeride is performed only on downhill at a very moderate speed.


Dancing is about making different movements on longer board by maintaining complex levels. You have to keep your body position while turning your back at different levels. It is more about balancing your body position by every angle than a simple slide on board. Verily, it is different from freeride type where you slide and maintain body position on board.

Points To Consider For Freeriding Longboard

Here are some necessary points which are considerable for better movements and sliding body positions:

Although it’s easy to perform for an expert if you are a beginner, you must look at different factors. Top of these factors includes practicing carving as much as possible.

Here are some tricks that can help you make your longboard process easy and exciting for everyone.

  • The most important thing you need to ensure is considering freeride deck shape. According to our experience, a longer board with a symmetrical shape is more likely to turn and move all-around quickly than all other types of freeride shapes.
  • Still, if you cannot find asymmetrical deck shape freeride, you can select hybrid type of freestyle boards. Length of wheel is also an essential factor to consider. Best size freeride longerboard is found to be 38 inches to 42 inches. Width should be 8.5 and 10 inches. The device with this shape and size is more likely to move all around four directions.

Note: If you are a beginner and don’t know how to freeride on a longboard, watch this complete video for in depth information:

Types of Slides in Freeride Longboarding

Here are some types of slides that are ideal for getting high-quality results in this activity. Sliding is not only about choosing best products, but it has a deep relation to longboarding. Everyone wants to own best style in every matter of life; here are some slide types which make you a professional sporter and give you a styling look.

180 Slide

Want to look cooler while performing longboarding? Well, 180 slide is best way to boost your experience in freeride longboarding field. Here, main action is to flick at 90 angles and push back scope again at same angle.

Stand Up Slide

Using a stand-up slide is best for your longboard to freeride journey. Instead of using it on basic terms as everyone use regularly, we recommend using it by pushing out longboard sideways and sliding body of slide in the opposite direction. It not only helps to make your movements good but also helps to make you look astounding in this direction.

Speed Checks

Whether performing it for your leisure time or intense competition, a speed check is always necessary for everyone. As a result, you can become an expert from the beginning to a gem. It also helps to turn and use slides in a better way. Push your board with help of foot heel in case of forwarding direction and with help of foot toe in backward direction.


If you are strong enough in 180 slides, pendulum is the next challenge. Here a person puts his hand down and then moves board slightly at 90 degrees angle over body. Then suddenly move your body with 180 tips in opposite direction.


When you mix stand-up riding and everyday riding, drifting occurs. Here a person’s primary focus is to turn his body at corners for a sudden body shift. Two terms are used here, including regular and riding.

When you move by following a normal stance, you prepare yourself to move and turn around corner. Later, riding outlook helps to take a right turn. People also used a term slight drifting, which means to prepare yourself for drifting.

Coleman Slide

It is a unique type of slide that most people don’t know. Here you place your hands on the road when you are very near road surface while turning. It usually comes when you take a 90 turn drifting. Keep remembering that wearing gloves is necessary for this sliding.

Sitdown Check

It is similar to Coleman slide. However, difference is that here you don’t touch road surface with hand help. Instead, your turn is such a way that you are just like sitting on the road because you are too near board.

How to Protect Yourself While Freeride Longboarding

No matter how expert you are in your field. It would help if you took some necessary protective measures to avoid injuries and accidents. Here are some suggestions and tips using which you feel safe while longboarding freerides movements:

Wearing Helmet

If you are a beginner longboarder and want to become a professional, make sure to wear a helmet while doing it. A helmet keeps your head safe even in case it hits down on the ground. As a result, you become free of trauma and long-term injuries.

Using Knee Pads

It is widespread to hit your knee on ground, especially while performing Coleman slides. In this case, a knee pad is the most protective aid which keeps your knees safe from injuries and wounds.

Hip Pad

Wearing a hip pad helps to keep you safe from injuries. It is widespread to face sudden downfalls while sliding. It happens mainly in the type of sitdown check. If you are a beginner and a professional slider, using a hip pad is always recommended. A hip pad becomes necessary while sitdown check sliding.

Slide Gloves

People used to wear hand breakers to make their hands safe while using a free longboard. Now, slide gloves replaced them with incredible power to protect your hands during high turnovers and protect you when you suddenly fall.

Elbow Pads

When using a longboard, it is essential to wear some protective gear if you fall. Wearing elbow pads can help protect your arms from injuries and ensure no broken bones.

It’s a good idea for all longboarders; even experts are recommended to prepare this type of protection. Nothing is worse than getting hurt while enjoying outdoor activities like longboarding.

However, experts recommend against using them though, since many find the straps of pads uncomfortable around one’s shoulders though others disagree intensely believing otherwise.

Using Eyeshields

Eyeshields are protective measures when it comes to knowing about sunlight, dust, and dirt, which create tears in the eye.

Some professionals do not recommend using eyeshields or sunglasses as they can be a reason to divert sometimes. But we recommend using these, especially if you are a beginner in this field.

Points You Should Consider While Buying a Freeride Longboard

Nothing is more regretful than spending some money on your favorite product and finding nothing in return. Due to the immense variety of freeride longboards in the market, it’s not easy to pick and find one of your favorite choices.

So, here are some points and factors that can help you select the best longboard for freeriding.

Shape of Deck

Deck shape is a critical factor in knowing about selecting the right longboard for you. If shape is good and stable enough, a board can help to ride and spin at multiple angles. There are different types of longboards, including longer, wider, and hybrid. We recommend choosing the combination which has high maneuverability.

Strong Trucks

The truck set is an essential factor as it sets absolute pressure on longboard. A truck set helps maintain a person’s stability and pressure on overall board.

So, it must be long and wide enough to complete your tasks in a very unique and managed way. The recommended width for a board is 180 mm, which is not only helps to maintain pressure but is also helpful to make regular and fast turns every time you need.

Longboard Freeride Wheels

Freeride longboard wheels must be strong enough to provide you with a solid grip on the board. Both size and weight of a wheel depend greatly upon your overall longboarding performance. The size should be more than 60mm in diameter, and weight could rely upon a person who has to use it. However, it must be stable enough to handle importance of a person.


Choosing a longboard is not only about its size, weight, or wheels, but another critical factor is bearing. It determines speed of overall longboard. If speed is your primary concern, we recommend the bearing with an ABEC 9plus. It is perfect model for everyone expert enough to perform longboard for the freeride speed. Heady Shake Pro Longboard Bearings is recommended by us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are freeride longboards suitable for cruising?

Yes, freeride longboarding are suitable for cruising, especially for beginners. These are easy to handle compared to the boards and are made explicitly for cruising.

How long should a freeride longboard be?

A freeride longboard that has a length of 38 inches to 42 inches is ideal for everyone. 

Wrapping up What is Freeride Longboarding

Longboard freeriding is an exciting type of sport that is one of favorite hobbies for millions of people. We hope that the above information on freeride Longboarding is enough to understand its essential factors and facts that make this movement successful.

In addition, a large diversity of longboards is available, and it’s tough to find the one which matches your budget and need. So, read our buying guide and see which longboard is best as per your requirements.

The sport has grown in popularity in recent years, with competitions being held worldwide. There are now many different types of longboard free riding depending upon slides mentioned above. For more information on Longboarding and outdoor sports, keep reading our latest blogs.

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