The 7 Best Skateboard Backpack in 2022

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Riding the skateboard while carrying all the essentials in your hands and arms is not what healthy multitasking is about. Well, it could be if you get a multipurpose carrying bag while you travel on your skateboard. Yes, an easy solution to cure the problem of carrying a hefty amount of things while riding the skateboard.

Switch to an all-rounder skateboard backpack and carry all your essentials at your back with the ease of riding freely. An ideal backpack offers ample space with proper sectioning and sturdy straps to secure your skateboard. Free your hands from the hassle of keeping all the things together and ride with proper balance.

Get yourself a spacious yet cool and trendy skateboard backpack and carry all essentials with style with ease of riding as a plus. Check out our banging list of the best skateboard backpack and choose one for yourself.

Our Top Picks


Skateboard Backpack Basketball Travel School Backpack

Ronyes Skate Backpack

  • High-grade polyester
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quality stitching
  • Adjustable sternum strap and buckles


Element Mohave Backpack Mens

Element Mohave Backpack

  • 600 D polyester
  • Padded shoulders straps
  • Positioned shoulder straps
  • Breathable fabric


Eastsport New Double Strap Skater Multipurpose Backpack

Eastsport Skater Backpack 

  • Inexpensive
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Durable construction
  • Verity of design and colours

Review of Best Backpacks for Skateboard

Comparison Table

Product NameCapacity, weightDimension (L x H x W)Material, Design
Ronyes Skateboard Backpack- Built-in USB    30L2 lbs  13 x 20 x 6      100% polyester Two Designs (black and blue)
Eastsport Skater Backpack – Multipurpose    30L1.2 pounds  18 x12 x 7    100% polyester Sixteen  different design and colors
Simbow Skateboard Backpack – Anti-theft    30L2 pounds  20 x 13 x 3    100% Polyester   Only design (black color)
Skunk Nomad Skaters Backpack- Smell proof    30 L4 pounds  18 x 11 x 6    100% polyesterFour Different design and colors
Vancropak Skateboard  Backpack – Great outlook    27L1.89lbs  19 x 12 x 7.5        100% polyester Black color
NIXON Ransack Backpack – Compact backpack    27L1.23 pounds  21.2 x 15.67 x 3.46600D polyester (ocean recycled)Six different designs
Element Mohave Backpack- Optimum comfort  30L1.65 pounds  19.5 x 14 x3.4600D polyesterNine different designs and colors 

1- Ronyes Skateboard Backpack- Built-in USB

Notable Features

  • Capacity: 30L
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Black, Blue
  • Built-in USB
  • Multiple pockets

Get your hands on Ronyes, one of the best skate bags featuring organized pockets so that you can carry things without making a mess. The bag has motivating engraving on the front saying ‘’I exercise, I’m happy’’.

On the side of the bag, there is a USB symbol to plug in the USB cable. The bag’s material is waterproof and features sturdy straps that are quite adjustable and perfectly fits to secure the skateboard.

The shoulders straps are padded and comfortable as made of breathable fabric. A secure skateboard strap, sternum strap and buckle waist add to the holding and comfort. Carry your essentials such as notebooks, tablets, other stuff or even a 17-inch laptop as there are various compartments. Even there is a net placed so that you can fit your basketball. What more to ask?

The straps hold the skateboard firmly even you are riding at high speed. The portable charging features add value. The bag might look not that spacious, but different slots and compartments make a huge difference.


  • Lots of sections
  • Durable
  • Portable charging
  • Sturdy straps
  • Comfortable
  • Great for travelling


  • Less padding on shoulder straps
  • Zip quality needs improvement

2- Eastsport Skater Backpack – Multipurpose

Notable Features

  • Capacity: 30L
  • Material: Polyester
  • Design: 16 different designs
  • Rubberized handle
  • Dual velcro straps

Eastsport multipurpose skateboard backpack features vast space to accommodate all your essentials with great ease. At the front, two sturdy velcro straps are added, which firmly holds the skateboard and doesn’t let it get shakey while you ride. All compartments are organized properly, such as one large compartment with multiple pockets.

The added pockets are of great variety, such as mesh pockets and padded pockets to keep the laptop. Not only this, keep your water bottle and other essentials secured in two exterior pockets in an Eastport skateboard backpack.

The ergonomic design contributes to its comfort, and padded shoulders make you less tired while you carry it. The material is polyester and waterproof with robust stitching that makes it the best skate backpack. 

This camo skateboard backpack is giant in itself, with a lot of space to fit all essentials. If you don’t want to carry your skateboard all the time, just secure it with its velcro straps, and you are good to go.

The padded shoulder adds to the comfort, and extra pockets are a plus. A definite hit if you are looking for a cheap skateboarding backpack.


  • Verity of design
  • Comfortable
  • Spacious
  • Waterproof
  • Thick straps
  • Durable


  • Straps require modification
  • Loose side pockets

3- Simbow Skateboard Backpack – Anti-theft

Notable Features

  • Capacity: 30L
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Black
  • Anti-theft lock
  • Charging port

From our list of skateboarding bags, next is the Simbow skateboard backpack, perfect for securing the skateboard in the right manner. The portable charging option with built-in USB saves time and cost as you can charge your phone while riding.

Simbow skateboard backpack is waterproof, featuring multiple pockets. Well, you will be amazed to know about the anti-theft lock Simbow backpacks offer to its users. All your personal and costly belongings will be safe and secure, protected by a password.

The material is high density and enough sturdy to carry all the weight. The fine design takes care of even weight distribution and plays its role in reducing stress. Shoulder straps are padded and comfortable, even having loads of weight.

There are side pockets for keeping a water bottle or umbrella. Front zips are designed to carry small stuff with great care so that nothing goes out of place. The bottom pocket has a net that you can attach to the front of the bag if you carry a football with you.

The double buckle straps secure the skateboard properly. Military-style rucksack, which is password protected, makes it distinct. The design is well-engineered with multiple features and slots. The price is reasonable as the offered quality is awesome.


  • Even weight distribution
  • Well made
  • Great price
  • Simple yet stylish
  • Decent space


  • Low-quality zipper
  • Low in comfort

4- Skunk Nomad Skaters Backpack- Smell proof

Notable Features

  • Capacity: 30L
  • Material: Polyester
  • Design: 4 different designs
  • Carbon filter (smell proof)
  • Combination lock

Undoubtedly, the best skateboard backpack is the one that fits everything and looks chic at the same time. We have brought you a Skunk nomad backpack that looks trendy and is best in its function. The backpack is waterproof and smells proof as it has a carbon filter attached.

Even after keeping things for a long time, a certain smell won’t develop. The front has two sturdy backpack skateboard straps (up and down) to fit the skateboard. There are net side pockets where you can keep water bottles or umbrellas.

A large capacity with a minimal look is the best thing about the Skunk Nomad skateboard backpack. There are padded pockets inside to keep your laptop or tablet away from damage. The interior pockets feature zip for extra security. A combination lock keeps your personal belongings safe and secure.

Skunk Nomad skateboard backpack doesn’t hold the order and lasts for a long time. Many pockets featuring huge compartments fit all the essentials easily, in an organized way. Lock features give you a sense of safety. Moreover, the look is so trendy. The inside has a hidden zip for keeping things extra safe.


  • Sturdy
  • Smell proof
  • Huge compartments
  • Looks great
  • Combination lock


  • Expensive
  • Zipper quality needs improvement

5- Vancropak Skateboard Backpack – Great outlook

Notable Features

  • Capacity: 27L
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Black
  • Compression straps
  • Water repellent
  • Nylon lining, tear-resistant

Vancropak skateboard backpack is super budget-friendly and can be tagged as cheap skater backpacks. It is the best option to consider if you are tight on budget and looking for a multipurpose bag.

Portable charge features add to its value as they feature a USB charger. Just attach the cable power bank to the phone and charge it while riding or walking.

Three adjustable straps on the fronts make sure to secure the skateboard correctly and not make it wobble while you ride. Several slots are available for different essentials such as laptops, notebooks, pens etc.

Different pockets accommodate a variety of things, whether small or big. Compression straps feature padded inside for ease of carrying. There is a hidden pocket inside where you can keep your valuable items.

The front straps perfectly hold the skateboard. The look is trendy and inside hidden pockets is a great plus for keeping valuable things safe and secure. The only downside is that the bag is sort of skinny. 


  • Sturdy straps
  • Nice finish
  • Inexpensive
  • Trendy look
  • Water-resistant


  • Doesn’t last that long
  • Skinny bag

6- NIXON Ransack Backpack – Compact backpack

Notable Features

  • Capacity: 27L
  • Material: 600 D Polyester (recycled ocean plastics)
  • Design: 6 different designs
  • Substantial capacity
  • Environmental friendly

A stunning backpack with superior quality and multifunction features names for Nixon Ransack backpack. It is a backpack that holds skateboards with easy to carry convenience. Two sturdy traps on the front secure the skateboard tight and free you from the hassle of carrying it in your arms.

The bag not only looks huge, but the space inside will leave you spellbound. Computer pockets accommodate the worthy stuff and are perfect for small items.

Sort out all your stuff in the bag without worrying about creating a mess. Organized sections take care of keeping everything in the bad in proper order. Carry your laptop securely as it features external zipper access.

The sturdy shoulder straps are padded feature an adjustable, fitted buckle. It assists in securing everything in the place and let you carry all the stuff with ease and comfort. The material is 600D polyester and made from recycled ocean plastics.

Nixon Ransack backpack is a well-made backpack with padded pockets inside. The bag is quite lightweight and has a great outlook. Indeed, the best skateboard travel bag. But, the compartments are smaller as compared to other brands offering skateboard backpacks.


  • Lightweight
  • Bunch of storage pockets
  • Decent finish
  • Great outlook
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Narrow compartments
  • Loose Velcro doesn’t secure the deck properly

7- Element Mohave Backpack- Optimum comfort

Notable Features

  • Capacity: 30 L
  • Material: 600 D Polyester
  • Design: 9 different designs
  • Four exterior pockets
  • Quality zippers

Element Mohave is the perfect solution to carry a skateboard with you if you are not riding. A classy backpack with many options with colours and designs to choose from. It works as a common backpack that can hold skateboards and a backpack offering durability, comfort, and ease of carrying.

The use of 600D polyester distinct this backpack for being rip-proof and sturdy. The eye-catching design not only looks chic, but sturdy buckle straps at the front work best for securing the skateboard.

The quality zippers work smoothly. You will not get irritated by zippers getting stuck or coming out now and then. The shoulder straps are padded and are ultra-comfortable. The positioning of the straps is quite ideal for skating.

It’s not a grand backpack, but the proper sectioning allows you to keep many essentials in it. Even it has pens slots and a pocket to keep shades safely. Thus, this backpack for skateboard is a must-have.

A simple yet bold design with all the necessary pockets to keep the stuff secure in the right places. The offered quality speaks for itself as the bag runs for long periods without stitching ripping apart, or other major defects. The only downside is the pockets being small and things fit tightly.


  • Simple, bold design
  • Quality zippers
  • Durable
  • Decent price
  • Paddings adds to the comfort


  • Small pockets
  • Not ideal for small boards

Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Best Skateboard Backpack (Buying Guide)

There are a variety of skateboard backpacks in the market featuring multiple features, different designs, bold colours, various sizes and whatnot. Therefore, choosing a perfect skateboard backpack with all of the great qualities could be quite overwhelming. As a buyer, it is your duty and needs to look and research for the features you think suit you best.

But, don’t worry; we are at your service to provide you insight regarding what to look for while choosing the best skateboard backpack. Our devised buying guide contains all necessary information regarding the important aspects of a skateboard backpack. Let’s begin:

Kinds of Skateboard Backpacks:

The market offers two kinds of skateboard backpacks. The usual type is one in which straps are outside the bag, and the skateboard is secured outside. The other type is in which the skateboard is kept inside. Both backpacks are useful, and people choose them for different reasons. 

Straps of Backpack:

Straps play a key role in securing the skateboard. If the quality is not up to mark and is not sturdy enough, you might end up damaging your skateboard. Some skateboard backpacks come with only straps, and one should avoid buying those. The backpack will not be able to carry weight properly.

If you are a pro rider having Best Skateboards for Heavy Riders, you must choose the bag with sturdy straps. Two straps are ideal for a tight securing skateboard as the weight of the skateboard will be evenly distributed, and heaviness will be weaved off. 


One of the key factors while deciding on the skateboard backpack is the size. You should be well aware of your belonging and how much space they consume. Especially if you use a skateboard for travelling purposes and carry your essentials everywhere, go for a backpack with proper sectioning and space for different things.

Choose a spacious backpack with proper spacing for the deck and other stuff such as laptops, notebooks, etc. Keeping safety in view, at least choose the one which can easily accommodate Best Skateboard Protective Gear.


Skateboard backpacks don’t only serve to carry your skateboard, but the market is filled with a variety of multifunctional backpacks. What could be better is to accommodate all the required stuff in one bag in an organized manner. Not only you can use it while skating; a multipurpose bag will cover you while you hike, travel, camp etc.

However, if you are looking for a bag for the sole purpose of carrying a skateboard or small skateboarding items such as the best skateboard grip tape or best skate tool, then you can choose a smaller one.


Another key factor for deciding skateboard backpack is its durability. Well, this should be the foremost thing to consider while buying a backpack. Nobody would want to spend their hard-earned money on a backpack every four months.

Heavy skateboards or longboards with the best longboard trucks, best longboard decks and best longboard wheels require a durable bag to endure the weight. That is why it is crucial to check for material, stitching, strength etc.


Zippers are considered more reliable and secure as compared to velcro or buttons. A quality zipper is the core ingredient of the backpack.

While selecting a skateboard backpack, one must check the zipper’s quality as the zipper is the only thing that secures your bag. High-quality zippers add to the durability of a skateboard backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the purpose of a skateboard backpack?

A Skateboard backpack keeps your hands from the hassle of carrying everything while riding the skateboard. These bags are multipurpose and come with proper sectioning and space for essentials such as laptop notebooks etc. With a skateboard backpack, you get to enjoy the ride with free hands. 

What is the cost of a skateboard backpack?

The market is saturated with a variety of skateboard backpacks with varying price ranges. Typically the price of a skateboard backpack starts from 20 dollars and goes up to 200 dollars. The prices are straight up linked to the provided quality, brand, manufacturers etc.
High-end bags with quality construction offered by established brands cost more than average brands. However, if you are not that brand conscious then you can find an amazing quality skateboard backpack for 50 dollars.

How to carry your skateboard?

Well, the best and most appropriate way to carry the skateboard is to carry it in a skateboard backpack. Skateboard backpacks are equipped with sturdy straps Velcro and buckles to secure your skateboard in the right way. If you invest in a skateboard backpack, not only do you get to carry your skateboard efficiently, you can carry all your essentials with ease.


You better make your backpack buying decision after giving it a proper thought. Several things need to be considered, such as quality, space, looks, comfort, etc. A good skateboard backpack not only carries your essentials but also contributes to joyful riding.

We hope that our guide on the best skateboard backpack will aid you in your buying decision. But, it is advised to check upon features and reviews before making a purchase.

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