How Dangerous is Skateboarding? and Safety Tips

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A common question arises in the world: how dangerous is skateboarding? When people watch the marvelous performances of world-famous skateboarders, that’s what comes to their minds. 

Unfortunately, skateboarding can be dangerous without the proper care. However, it isn’t inevitable. It is essential to use caution, use good equipment, and avoid risky behaviors to reduce the risks of injury. It is best to reduce the risks of injury whenever possible.

An estimated 70,000 children and teenagers are treated in emergency departments, and 1,500 are hospitalized each year due to skateboarding injuries. It means that skating is quite dangerous. However, you can mitigate the risks by getting the right equipment.

Is skateboarding Dangerous?

Skateboarding has risks like any other sport. Why is skateboarding so dangerous?For the board to roll smoothly, skateboarding requires hard surfaces like concrete, which are the surfaces you want to land on. Unfortunately, sometimes this isn’t possible.

Various types of injuries can be sustained, both minor and significant. Here are a few examples:

  • A variety of injuries to different parts of the body, such as leg, ankle, neck, arm, and trunk fractures, sprains, and strains.
  • Trauma
  • Fractures of the jaw, broken noses, or other brutal facial injuries.

As a result of statistics over the years, we have learned that 74% of skateboarders suffer from injuries such as sprains, contusions, and fractures, and more often than not, skateboarders are injured on their arms and legs. 

Still, only 20% occur on the head. A few injuries result in concussions, particularly those involving the head. About 3.1% of the injuries are major head wounds.

Skateboarding is dangerous in these circumstances:

  • In wet or bare areas, skateboarding is prohibited.
  • While skateboarding, you are extremely fast.
  • Riding in bad weather is a good idea.
  • Avoiding safety equipment.
  • The skateboarder skates amidst heavy traffic.
  • Lack of training while skateboarding in a messy area.
How Dangerous is Skateboarding

Risks of skateboarding

Skateboarding has two significant aspects when it comes to dangers. Of course, our first reaction to it is to think about the physical damages. But, unfortunately, many guys overlook another part of it that is equally dangerous. The other part is the monetary damage and penalty component.

It is indeed one type of danger that you cannot avoid, and very importantly that you should never ignore. In addition, skateboarding can sometimes damage anyone walking on footpaths or private property. 

Even though you are fine and not a scratch on your body, a skating rink may not allow you to do so at a particular time, depending on the legislation in the area. As a rider, you should therefore always be aware of both dangers.

Skateboarding Injuries

It is imperative to be physically active and mentally coordinated when participating in an outdoor sport. In skateboarding, this is no exception.

Compared to other usual sports in the United States, skateboarding has the lowest ratio of injuries.

Unfortunately, skateboarding can also result in frequent injuries.

Due to reckless skateboarding, skaters are generally injured in two ways:

Minor Injuries

  • Knee Injuries
  • Abrasions
  • Deep cuts 
  • Strains
  • Sprained ankles
  • Swollen elbows 
  • Groin injuries, etc.

Severe Injuries

  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Face injuries
  • Concussions
  • Dislocations
  • Blunt head trauma, etc.

It is pervasive for minor injuries to occur. Severe injuries must be treated in the hospital. Many severely injured people end up with permanent disabilities, has anyone died from skateboarding as a result of these injuries.

Skateboarding Injuries

What is the most common injury in Skateboarding?

Skateboard head injuries

Skateboarding accidents can also cause head injuries if face injuries are possible.

A person with insufficient safety equipment might suffer closed wounds, skull fractures, blunt injuries, and concussions. 

Hand, Wrist, or Shoulder Injuries

One of the most common injuries is a broken wrist, caused by a brief loss of balance. Unfortunately, many skateboarders start without a mastery of credit on their board, a skill that can only be developed through practice and confidence. 

It is instinctual for people to extend their arms after tripping over a board to protect their heads and faces from traumatic injuries. However, even though you should always protect your head, you may also be bent backwards and have your hand and wrist ligaments stretched because of the force of the impact.

Ankle Injuries

Skateboarding also causes many ankle injuries, such as sprained or broken ankles.

Several factors can cause an ankle injury. For example, this could cause your ankles to roll awkwardly if you suddenly put a considerable amount of pressure on them. 

Skateboarding Injury Causes

The extreme nature of skateboarding causes riders to incur severe injuries and land in emergency rooms. There are a variety of reasons why this extreme sport can cause injuries.

Beginner’s riders

Falling and getting injured are more likely to happen to those just beginning to learn skateboarding. An important factor here is age. Newcomers rarely shy away from complicated tricks due to their lack of skills and experience. However, they could suffer a great deal if they fail to do so.

Unfamiliar Surfaces & Locations

You may encounter several unwelcome obstacles outside of skate parks, such as pedestrians, buses, and cars, making it difficult to move safely. As a result, local skateboarding communities usually gather in skate parks, a safe, well-lit area where they can skate.

It is possible to lose balance and fall due to irregular skateboarding surfaces. Nevertheless, many skateboarders still choose to practice and perform tricks on public roads despite the risks and the existence of skate parks.

Inadequate protection

It is possible to protect your body even when you fall by using proper safety gear.

Despite the importance of helmets and pads, many skateboarders feel uncomfortable wearing them. Skateboarders often decide based on their image (the “cool” factor).

Skateboarding injury statistics 2020  

In terms of the number of injuries sustained by skateboarders, the sport holds the eighth position. In this regard, skateboarding isn’t considered one of the most dangerous sports.

As a result, it is essential that you also learn some statistics.

  • In the US, an estimated 50,000 skaters require emergency treatment every year based on 2002 records. Skateboarding injuries are usually severe in about 5% of cases. 
  • The majority of the severe injuries suffered by skateboarders occur when they collide with another vehicle or a pedestrian. Poorly executed tricks and falls cause other injuries.
  • Skateboarders suffer sprains and fractures about 74% of the time, and 37% of those are caused by losing their balance. You are already aware of the dangers of Skateboarding. 
Skateboarding injury statistics
Skateboarding injury statistics

How to prevent skateboarding dangers?

Do people start to think about How to prevent skateboarding injuries? To avoid dangers, you need to know how to avoid them and return safely home. Remember the following guidelines:

  • Depending on your height and weight, choose a quality skateboard. Never buy an unbranded or cheap skateboard. High-quality skateboards will last longer.
  • Invest in quality protective equipment, like knee pads, wrist guards, butt pads, shoes, gloves, elbow pads, helmets etc., to protect against injuries. Please don’t be lazy about wearing them.
  • Skill is a prerequisite for Skateboarding. Your ability to skateboard will depend on how much you practice. Practicing will help you improve. Be sure you’re skilled before you get on the road and stick with the basics.
  • Check the condition of your skateboard before going out for a ride.
  • Choosing the right place to skate is essential. Be sure to watch the weather report too.
  • You can minimize your risks of falling if you learn to fall. Try to fall and discover what techniques you can use to minimize your risks.
  • Prepare yourself for panic situations.
  • Keep your weight under control to not become unbalanced if you gain too much weight.
  • Don’t ride with headphones.

Is skateboarding more dangerous than biking?

You sit on a bike while standing on a skateboard. Unfortunately, skateboarding has much higher accident rates and more painful consequences – wrist breaks, elbow injuries, concussions, bruising, and road rash is daily occurrences.

There is evidence that bike riders are safer than skateboarders and long boarders when riding in wet conditions or when it is snowing.

Final Verdict

Skateboarding is fascinating because it allows skateboarders to demonstrate their ability to perform complex tricks with confidence and skill. Unfortunately, at the same time, skateboarders may suffer accidents and injuries.

How dangerous is skateboarding? You will most likely harm yourself while riding recklessly, as this can put you in danger. However, beginners and professionals alike could find skateboarding safer and more enjoyable if they followed a few basic steps.

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