The Top 6 Best Skateboard Protective Gear in 2022

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Skateboarding is one of the hits and trending activities these days. Youngsters and teenagers enjoy it as a recreational trend. In a healthier light, skating is a sort of aerobic workout that keeps one fit and active.

So, if you are considering jumping in it, the first thing you need to do is to shop for the best skateboard protective gear. Under this safe umbrella, you get to enjoy the ride safely.

Did you know? Skateboarding became an official Olympic game in 2020. That ultimately means more and more people have started developing an interest in this risky yet fun sport.

But, one must be aware of the risks and injuries that come with the joyful experience of skating. You have to look at these Injury facts that provide authentic stats.

According to Sports and Recreational Injuries, over 98,000 people were admitted to hospitals in severe conditions under emergency supervision due to skateboard injuries. Among them, over 47,000 were aged between 15-24 years.

Well, these minor injuries don’t hurt that much. Skaters might end up with their sprains damage or fractures. However, mentioning the swollen elbows is worth it. 

Nevertheless, you should save yourself from severe injuries like the jawbone, trauma, broken nose, and head injuries.

It would be best to keep life on your toes if you followed safety recommendations and wore the best skateboard protective gear.

Top 6 Best Skateboard Protective Gear of 2022

1. PHZ Protective Gear Set – 6pcs Set

Best Skateboard Protective Gear

Get to enjoy a harmlessly and fear-free riding experience with PHZ protective gear set. The fabric is designed to not only save your knees and elbows from unnecessary scratches,

but the comfy fit will make you a fan of this chic skateboard protective gear set. Its high-density thick layer coupled with shock-absorbent technology makes it an ultra pick.


Durability comes first when you choose protective gear sets. No more injuries while skating as PHZ protection gear sets are finely designed with a shock-absorbent EVA layer. The set adopts abrasion resistance and exhibits excellent sturdiness in challenging conditions.


Skating will be no fun if you are constantly troubled by itchiness or discomfort with your protection gear while you skate. PHZ protection gear makes skating fun and comfortable experience with its breathable fabric embedded with ventilation polyester.

Fits well

Clumsy protective gear irritates and ruins the joyful riding experience. The PHZ 6 pieces protective gear fits well to every age group. Its adjustable elbow and knee pads offer comfort along with the protection you require while you ride. 


  • Adjustable offer an excellent fit
  • Pads are sturdy
  • Can be used for multisports
  • Design offers a thick cushion
  • Offered protection works well


  • Sizing issues for adults
  • Wear and tear too soon

2. BOSONER Protective Gear Set –Modified set

Youth Knee Pad Elbow Pads Guards Protective Gear Set

Make your riding experience pleasant and joyful by keeping the protection on the list. The skateboard protection gear by BOSONER works pretty well by providing maximum protection against scratches and injuries. No matter whichever sport you pick to do, Bosoner ultra protection gear will be your go-to protection partner.


It will be a lot of hassle if you choose extra protective gear every time you try a different sport. Well, no more as Bosoner protective gear offers multisport features. Whether you do ice skating, biking, rolling, or any other sport, snug this ultra protection and get to ride to your fullest.


Bosoner protective gear pads come with modification sticks to adjust to diverse age groups. It features adjustable elastic straps so that pads stay in place during sports.

The fabric features lightweight EVA layered technology, limiting perspiration and allowing cool airflow. You might feel little compression, but that is okay as safety requires the pads to be tight.


The multi-purpose protective gear set is sturdy and comfortable at the same time. Despite the thickening design for ultimate protection, pads do not carry a heavy feel.

The offered comfortability makes this protective gear set to feature the best knee and elbow pads for adults


  • Adjustable straps finely fit
  • Pads are thick and well made
  • Gear exhibits great quality
  • Worth the bucks
  • Gear set comes in exciting colors


  • Pads are tricky to put on
  • Tight fit compresses the body

3. JBM Protection Gear Set – Multi Sports

Adults Rider Series Protection Gear Set

Regardless of whether your child is a daredevil or a timid one, JBM skateboard protective gear is worth considering if he loves riding.

Try the JBM protection gear set from our rider series and give your child maximum protection while he enjoys his favorite sports.

Complete set

JBM skateboard protective gear set features eight pieces for ultimate protection against injuries. The JBM package comes with a sturdy helmet and elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist pads.

It features multiple vents with an aerodynamic design that armor against injuries. The addition of a helmet within the set ensures protection from any head injury.

Fine quality

The quality of the whole protection set speaks for itself. The fabric is durable and easily washable in case of stains. Elastic straps coupled with breathable polyester fabric make it a comfortable and well-placed choice.

Classic set

JBM protective gear set is undoubtedly a classic choice when choosing skateboard protection gear. The set comes with locked position points which you can adjust according to your comfort level. Make your practice more fun yet safe with JBM skateboard protective gear set. 


  • Fit of the set is awesome
  • Provided quality, the price range is great
  • Paddings are comfortable
  • All in one set make it a convenient


  • The knee pads are tight
  • Not a great choice for bulky teens/adults

4. Besmall Protective Gear Set – Adjustable Set

Besmall Adjustable Skateboard Skate Helmet with Protective Gear Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Pads

Jet black Besmall adjustable protective gear set is definitely on our hit-list of the six best skateboard protective gear of 2022.

The fine blend of quality and style distinguishes this skateboard protective gear set. The classic side cut design gives it a catchy yet subtle look.   


Besmall skateboard protection gear set offers sheer quality, enabling you to adjust according to your body’s comfort.

Although, there would be no compromise on overall provided protection. But, make sure to check out the size guide before making any purchase.


This version of Besmall skateboard protection gear is an upgraded version featuring velcro closures for a secure fit.

The fine quality material is used to make Besmall skateboard protection gear set. The inner material is expanded polystyrene, which provides protection and is breathable at the same time.


It is a versatile set and can be used for multisports. The overall fit and protection ensure proper defense against falling scratches and injuries.


  • Quality of the set makes it worth buying
  • Whole protection gear set fits well
  • The set holds up to several falls
  • Helmet with chin guard


  • The sets do not fit adults
  • Pads are clumsy on skinny kids

5. SKATEWIZ Protective Gear Set – Climate Neutral

SKATEWIZ Skateboard Pads Knee and Elbow Pads

Before you step on your action beast skateboard, it is of sheer importance to wear your skateboard protection gear.

An expertly engineered protective set ensures maximum comfort and safety to the joints. Try on SKATEWIZ protective gear and cover the parts that require maximum protection while riding your skateboard.

Pedigree pads

You will be amazed by the quality and protection offered by SKATEWIZ protective gear set. It is blatantly designed to offer maximum absorption.

Standardized material featuring pedigree pads coupled with perfect sizing makes it a definite hit. It is undoubtedly a well-recommended skateboard protective gear for adults.

climate natural

The most hit feature which makes this skateboard protective gear set a distinct one is its adaptability to climate. The pads offered by SKATEWIZ are carbon dioxide neutral, hence no bad effect on climate and contribution to its adversity.

Secure fit

The fit of this top-notch quality protective gear set is beyond the spell. You will feel no extra compression as these elastic straps are made of soft material that offers to-the-point adjustability. You will feel like you got some natural extensions.


  • Fit of this protective gear is great
  • Design is cool
  • Set is super affordable
  • The protection works well


  • fabric sometimes causes minor itchiness
  • Sometimes requires continuous adjusting

6. Labeol Skateboard Protective Gear– 6 in1 set

Labeol Kids/Youth/Adult Skateboard Pads Skateboard Protective Gear

Labeol protective gear set provides the best protection with a lightweight and comfy fusion. It acts as a reliable defensive shield against serious injuries.

The best thing about it is highly shockproof and extremely adjustable. No further worries of a crash with Labeol skateboard protective gear. 


The strap of Labeol skateboard protective gear is quite elastic and provides excellent adjustability. Whether your arms and knees are thin or thick, skateboard pads recommended perfect fit will amaze you.


Enjoy skating to the fullest as the thick yet breathable cotton and mesh material of Labeol skateboard protective gear is a sigh of relief from extreme weather conditions.


With Labeol skateboard protection gear, no need to worry about scratches from daily practice. Its multisport adaptability makes it a great choice in terms of versatility. The full set package is conveniently suitable for different age groups.


  • Pads are lightweight
  • Gear set is a bang for bucks
  • Quality is excellent
  • Extremely suitable for beginners


  • The fit is a bit compressing and feels uncomfortable

Some Basics of Skateboard Protective Gear Set

Before you make any purchase, it is important to know about the basics includes of skateboard protective gear, which are:

  • Helmet
  • Wrist guards
  • Elbow and knee pads

 Helmet– Skateboard protection gear:

Use and need aside; one can’t ignore the emphasis skateboard parks put over Skateboard protective gear especially, helmets. Skating only while wearing a helmet is strictly recommended, from beginners to professionals. 

Skateboard helmets act as the core element in Skateboard protective gear, both in skateboarding and longboarding.

Helmets guard the skull and brain, which are the most intricate yet crucial parts of the body and require extra protection. Skaters who have been condemned know how much helmets are essential in skateboarding.

However, for the perfect protection of your head, make sure that the helmet you will use appropriately fits your head. Regardless, your favorite helmet brands, well-fitting helmets should be the top priority.

It is recommended to change your helmet often as any minor crack can prove fatal in case of a crash.

The situation becomes even more challenging when young riders are trying tricks. Be mindful and make them wear helmets every time they skate.

Regarding helmets, John Hopkins Medicine shared his views:

“Head injuries are the leading cause of death and disability in case of a crash. Wearing a helmet plays its part in reducing the risk of death or injury. It also reduces the severity of the injury in a crash.”

 Wrist guards– Skateboard protection gear:

While skating, skaters have to put their half weight on the upfront of their skateboard. Thus, the chances of backward falling increase when they fail to maintain their weight. Wrist guards greatly help resist shingles when you fall forward onto your hands.

Wrist guards are as essential Skateboard protective gear like helmets. Injuries are unexpected, and experience doesn’t count when bad luck knocks; you might fall and get severely injured on your hands.

In that case, wrist guards will act as a protective barrier against bruises and cuts that you are likely to get on your palms.

 Elbow and knee pads– Skateboard protection gear:

Knee and elbow pads act as a vital part of skateboard protection gear. Both of these pads prove to be a real help in reducing scrapes and cuts on your body, especially when it comes to the arms and legs’ joint area. Also, pads tend to resist shingle burns.

Knee and elbow pads are a true must for beginners. Since these pads resist dropped injuries, wearing a knee pad will be a great support in case of serious wounds.

There should be no compromise on the flawless fit of the knee pad. Loose buffers may cause discomfort and fail to protect you while you skate.

No doubt, elbow pads are the main protection gear for beginners. Similar to knee pads, elbow pads guard against scarps and unnecessary cuts on elbows. However, it is suggested to check the fit and wrap it tightly to avoid clumsiness. 


If you are a die-hard fan of skating and love experimenting with adventures. Then there is plenty of the best skateboard protective gear in the market to boost up your confidence and uplift your passion.

Enjoy multisports with our recommended protective gear. Act responsibly and wear one while you enjoy your ride to the fullest.

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