The 7 Best Longboard for Tricks in 2022

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Longboarding is now considered a favourite hobby of many adults and kids. Every longboarder wants to try different tricks and techniques every day to make their rides joyful and exciting. 

We know trying out different stunts and tricks come with considerable risk, therefore, your board must have the ability to keep you safe. 

Choosing the best longboard must be a difficult task for you, so we have spent a lot of our time researching and finding the best longboard for tricks

Best longboard

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

White Wave Bamboo

  • Smooth rides
  • Great set up
  • Affordable 

Kicktail longboard

Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Magneto Kicktail Cruiser

  • Sturdy 
  • Well assembled
  • Comfortable to ride

freestyle longboard

Hana Longboard Skateboard Collection

Hana Pintail Longboard 

  • Beautiful deck
  • Smooth rides
  • Faster bearings

List Best Longboard for Tricks:

Following are the best tricks longboards:

No.NameDimensionsWeight Capacity  Bearings
 1Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard length 44″ width 9″ 275 lbs ABEC 5
 2White Wave Bamboo Drop Deck Longboard length 29″ width 8.25″ 270 lbsABEC 9
 3Hana Pintail Longboardlength 42″ width 9.5″ 220 lbsABEC 9
 4Volador Maple Longboard  length 46″ width 10″ 250 lbsABEC 9
 5Slendor Longboard Drop Through  length 44″ width 9″ 220 lbsABEC 9
 6INNOWEIGH Drop Down Longboard  length 41″ width 9″ 330 lbs  ABEC-11
APOLLO Drop Through Longboards  length 39″ width 9″ 220 lbs  ABEC 9

1. Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard:

Notable Features

  • Dimensions: 44 inches x 9 inches
  • Material: Bamboo and Maple
  • Wheel Size: 70mm x 51mm
  • Weight Capacity: 270 lbs

This magneto bamboo longboard comes with a well-rounded, comfortable and solid board having a 44-inches length and 9-inches width. It includes a 6-ply maple wood deck to keep it stable during cruising with a bamboo coating, making it attractive and remarkable for its durability.  

The best longboard decks top has sand-grit finishing to provide you with a firm grip on rough surfaces like riding on dirt or gravel. Also, its ABEC 5 rated bearings enable you to ride the board smoothly without getting bothered by sough roads.

The wheels and trucks mounted in the longboard are excellent for such an affordable range. However, the trucks may require loosened before use as it is challenging to balance their tightness. 

The fascinating thing about this board is its slightly concaved deck because of its commendable grip as well as its stability sturdiness.

It is best for skaters who love to do longboard tricks like ollies because its kicktail makes performing tricks easier. 


  • Sturdy 
  • Well assembled
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Great wheels for faster speed
  • Stiff and stable deck


  • Tightened truck

2. White Wave Bamboo Drop Deck Longboard

Notable Features

  • Dimensions: 29 inches x 8.25 inches
  • Material: Bamboo / Canadian Maple
  • Wheel Size: 70mm x 53mm
  • Weight Capacity: 270 lbs

White wave bamboo longboard features a drop-through truck which makes it one of the best longboard trucks with excellent performance. Drop-through means truck mounted on board’s top via cut-out hole. 

It’s closer to the ground 40-inches deck is excellent to perform high-speed tricks downhill because of its stability as it has a medium concave deck, so it provides you comfortable rides. The longboard deck also has a slight curvature, so turning and swaying boards becomes easier. 

The Hellion 2 bearings equipped in this longboard are rolled smoothly without making any noise. While pushing the board its bearings doesn’t give any resistance; instead, it was fast enough to move. 

Its soft wheels are just perfect for rolling it over the small gravels as it took all the impact of rolling on itself. 

Thanks to the drop-through truck and soft wheels of this bamboo longboard, it is considered the ideal choice for longboarders who loves to do cruising with sharp turns. 


  • Smooth rides
  • Turns well
  • Great set up
  • Perfectly sized wheels
  • Affordable 


  • Grip tape quality is not good

3. Hana Pintail Longboard:

Notable Features

  • Dimensions: 42 inches x 9.5 inches
  • Material: Bamboo with Hard Maple Core
  • Wheel Size: 70mm
  • Weight Capacity: 220 Lbs

This longboard belongs to the Magneto Hana series has a pintail deck which has a cut out on the wheel from the rear side, and that is great to prevent the wheels from wheel bites. It comes with a strong maple deck with the eight layers coating of laminate on top of it. 

Its lower and upper layers are also stained with stripped bamboo. The polishing of the upper layer is done with sand grit for providing a firm grip on your feet. 

It’s one of the best longboard wheels whose wheels are made with high-quality Urethane material, providing riders with a fun ride even on rough grounds. Carving the pavements with this board is more accessible than expected.

The sand finishing on its top instead of the grip tape gives it an elegant look and makes it the best skateboard grip tape.

The top-mounted Paris-style embedded trucks make this board wider, so it is a perfect choice for longboarders who love to do dance tricks on their boards. It is excellent for carving and cruising as well.


  • Beautiful deck
  • Smooth rides
  • Well-built board
  • Strong grip
  • Faster bearings


  • The truck needs to be loosened

4. Volador Maple Longboard:

Notable Features

  • Dimensions: 46 inches x 10 inches
  • Material: Aluminum and Maple
  • Wheel Size: 70mm x 51mm
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

Volador one of the best skateboard brands has used their greatest engineering technology to construct this maple longboard as only its deck is made with eight maple layers to make it sturdy.

The deck can bear a heavyweight of up to 250 pounds very skillfully without affecting the board’s durability. Its slightly concave shape allows the riders to do powerful paddling, whereas the wall of its wheels is designed to save it from wheel bite.

The best thing about this board is its ABEC-9 rated bearing, which works great for quick movements when riding it at high speed. 

Its polyurethane manufactured wheel is a wise choice for its longevity, and its deck includes the perfect flex amount.

The adjustable reverse kingpin feature of its truck is just outstanding and provides you with more control over the board. The graphics on its deck makes it stand out with its beautiful art. 

If you are into a dancer longboard but short on the budget, this board is the best option. It enables the riders to perform stepping tricks comfortably and works great for carving. 


  • Worth every penny
  • Sturdy
  • Good quality truck
  • Holds heavier weights very well
  • Comfortable to ride


  • Not suitable for complicated tricks

5. Slendor Longboard Drop Through

Notable Features

  • Dimensions: 42 inches x 9 inches
  • Material: Natural hard-rock maple and epoxy glue
  • Wheel Size: 70mm x 51mm
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs

Slendor longboard is a bit expensive from others, but it is worth buying board because of its exceptionally higher performance.

It is a sturdy board that can handle heavier weights very well. Its drop-through-designed deck is found closer to the ground, which is excellent for stability. 

Not only performance but its graphical designs can also not be ignored. It has a great flex to bear shocks but is not that great to work well for higher speeds. You can adjust some of its features according to your requirement. 

If you are thinking of trying it out on long hills, it is not the best option. However, it does work great when moved along sidewalks.

Included soft wheels won’t make any unpleasant sounds. It comes with knee pads, wrist guards, and elbow pads, which are not suitable for adults. 

This best longboard for sidewalks is for those who want to try tricks for the first time as it allows you to do many light tricks but is not an ideal option for advanced skaters. 


  • Sturdy Deck
  • Easy to ride
  • Strong Grip tape
  • Well-constructed
  • Rolls great


  • It doesn’t last for longer

6. INNOWEIGH Drop Down Longboard

Notable Features

  • Dimensions: 41 inches x 9 inches
  • Material: Aluminum and Maple
  • Wheel Size: 70mm x 51mm
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs

The Innoweigh is one of the most budget-friendly longboards, perfect for longboarders of all ages. The performance of this longboard is quite good, and it is an average-sized board. You can ride it smoothly, even on rough surfaces. 

It comes with a solid and sturdy deck manufactured with eight pressed layers of natural maple. Even if you are a heavyweight person, there is nothing to worry about as it can handle your weight very well. 

Frosted material is used in the front of the board, which prevents it from slipping and makes it the best longboard for sliding.

One great thing about this board is its flexibility to turn, but its board is not light weighted. It is easier to do carving with this board and is very well balanced. 

If you search for the best affordable longboard for tricks, choosing this board will be an excellent choice. Even if it is cheap, it doesn’t mean that its quality is not good. 


  • Easy to ride
  • Rides Smoothly
  • Holds up nicely
  • Rolls nicely


  • Not sturdy enough

7. APOLLO Drop Through Longboards

Notable Features

  • Dimensions: 39 inches x 9 inches
  • Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Trucks
  • Wheel Size: 70mm x 51mm
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs

Apollo longboards are an excellent option for both beginners and advanced-level longboarders. This maple longboard is constructed with high-quality materials such as its deck, consisting of eight layers of Canadian maple.

The bottom layer of the deck is manufactured with bamboo. Longboard comes with a mounted aluminum truck, and soft wheels provide the riders with a stable and smooth ride.

It is perfect for small to medium-sized riders and not for weighted ones. It also comes with the best skate tool in case you need any adjustments.

It is easy to balance this board, especially when you are a beginner, as it has a perfect amount of flex. The bearings are also fascinating, which provides riders with a smooth ride. Its artistic graphics on the top of the decks are eye-catching.  

It is the best longboard for cruising tricks, especially for kids, as it is easier to learn longboarding with this board. 


  • High built up quality
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect flex
  • Strong and sturdy


  • Grip tape stickers are not well stick

Buying guide for Longboard for Tricks:

We know choosing your desired longboard must not be an easy task for you, even if you are a beginner or a pro rider who loves to do tricks and stunts with their longboards.

However, we have got you back as our below-mentioned guide will help you find your best longboard for tricks. It is essential to know that longboards have different shapes and sizes. 

All Longboarding Styles Are Not Tricks:

Before directly moving on to the buying guide, it is essential to know that all riding styles are not tricks except some of them, including carving, bombing downhill, dancing tricks, and a few more. 

There is a visible difference between longboard tricks and longboard styles. Tricks are mostly referred to as spinning wheels or some fancy jumps. 

Longboards are available in the market in many different shapes and sizes. Still, when it comes to the best longboards for tricks, the recommended ones can be classified depending on their mount type, along with the Directional longboards and symmetrical longboards.

Mount Type

We have differentiated longboards into three different categories depending on the mount type. 

Top Mount Longboards:

Top mount longboards are typical boards structured so that the bottom of these longboard’s deck is directly mounted with the trucks. 

Drop Down Longboards:

Dropdown longboards include lowered decks that keep them closer to the ground. This board provided a lower center of gravity because of your feet’ position and lower decks and mounted truck.  

Drop Through Longboards:

The wheels of this board cut-outs in the deck, whereas its truck is mounted to the board, which makes its deck lower down.

Some other best longboards for tricks are:

Directional Longboards:

Directional longboards are easier to identify as they have different tails and noses. These boards are designed to move only in one direction. Most directional longboards have pintail. 

Symmetrical Boards

Another one is a Symmetrical board whose tail and nose are similarly shaped. However, this board doesn’t look like the best longboard for tricks. 

However, if your symmetrical board comes with a kicktail, then you can perform jump tricks with this more conveniently.  

If you want to do freestyle riding, then symmetrical longboards will be a perfect choice for you. 

Factors to remember while buying a longboard:

Now let’s move towards the factors one must remember when buying a longboard for tricks.

Just like the type and shapes of longboards are different, their tails and trucks are also different as some of them have different tails, whereas others trucks are differently embedded, such as some are wider, and some are lower in height.

Such as

Board Size:

The size of your board firstly depends on your riding style and then on tricks, so always choose the board whose size is perfectly compatible with your riding style. 

As for downhill riding, short longboards will not work for you as it will be harder to keep balance with them because of their limited speed. You might also get yourself hurt because of this. 

For beginners, it is recommended to go for longer longboards having a length of approx. Forty inches as they are easier to handle. You can opt for shorter boards once you feel like you can keep up with their limited speed. 

When it comes to buying a board for complicated tricks, the medium longboards with 34-46-inches lengths will be perfect for you. 


Some longboards come with soft and small wheels, which are significantly shock-resistant. In comparison, others come with big wheels, helpful in doing cool tricks because of their firm grip and commendable stability. 

Big wheels or traction wheels enable you to do complicated tricks on complex surfaces. One of the essential things one needs to know when buying the best longboard is the importance of its wheel size according to the board type. 

If you are going for a drop-through board, your board should have big wheels, which will be best for such speedy rides. In comparison, choosing a cut-out board will be a great choice if you have a small wheel board. 


The wheelbase is a space among two trucks and has its importance as it has a remarkable effect on the performance of the longboard. It is recommended to buy smaller with a smaller wheelbase, especially when you want something best for your dynamic tricks. 


If you are looking for a longboard for tricks, then the deck is one of the critical factors that significantly impact your performance. It is recommended to look for a board that has a sturdy deck with the capability to handle your body weight. 

It doesn’t mean the deck’s width and flex can be compromised. You have to pay attention there too. We recommend going with the rigid deck for a heavier body to prevent your board from bottoming.

Width is important because when you have a wide room to move around, there are fewer chances to fall off, and performing tricks will also become much easier. 

Deck Height:

The distance of the board deck from the ground is said to be the deck’s height. To stabilize your ride and keep your balance, you should buy a board whose decks are lower and closer to the ground. Instead of high decks, they will make it difficult for your foot to reach the ground because of a more significant gap. 


Traditional kingpin trucks are the best option when purchasing a longboard for tricks. Such boards will work great for you to ease downhill and freestyle riders. 

But if you are not comfortable with this one, you can also choose reverse kingpins, which are also great for many riding styles, especially the nose and dancing tricks.  

However, if you are into jump tricks, then look for forged and precision trucks cast for these tricks.  


Bearings of longboards have their ratings, such as bearing with ABEC-7 rating or more are considered the best longboards for tricks. It is because such bearings can provide your wheels with a high speed as much as required. 


We recommend you always look for longboards that don’t require any assembling and come fully assembled. It will not only save your time but will also prevent you from stressing out while building up. 

FAQs Section:

Which is the Easiest Longboard Trick?

Many longboard tricks are also easier to do, but the easiest one from all of them is to do speed control and pausing. 
The main thing here is that you should be a pro in foot-braking and have a complete idea of managing your speed and pace during the ride to save yourself from accidents. 

Is it possible to do Kick-Flip on the Longboard?

Kick-flip is one of the well-known longboarding tricks, and mostly every longboard rider has done it. 
To do this trick, you have to make sure to dangle off your back leg at the end of the board while your front leg’s heels must press against the opposite side. 

Can You do Grinding Tricks on the Longboard?

Grinding is a skating trick performed mainly by teenagers, but it is not a longboard trick as the shape and size of longboards are not ideal for grinding.

Final Words:

We have mentioned all the best longboards for tricks we could find so far; however, these are some from them that we have liked the most.

Best overall longboard: We found White Wave Bamboo Drop Deck Longboard the best option from all of them because it has all features that should be present in the trick longboards.

Best Kicktail longboard:  Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard is the best longboard with kicktail available out there which can perform the tricks well.

Best freestyle longboard: Hana Pintail Longboard is a fantastic freestyle longboard as it allows you to do dance tricks on boards freely.

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